Mvc2: magneto vs sentinel i need help!



ahh i always die from sent i think he is my weakness caN SOMEONE help me?


learn magneto’s infinites on sent, there’s a grip of them. be careful and block sent.s sj FP and FK and especially his AAA (esp. CapCom, cammy, cable, BH, etc.). punish sent.'s AAA w/yours and be sure to protect your AAA also. remember mag vs sent and mag w/AAA vs sent AAA, mag beats sent. try getting sent in the corner for a better chance of getting your mag. temp down. rushing down sent and watching out for AAA’s should be the key. you can also wavedash in front of sent to bait his AAA and calling out yours afterwards.


Random Hypergravs work well if the Sent player abuses Flight mode and doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing. To be honest, this can be a tough fight for Magneto if he can’t get a hit in. But if your Magneto is like a God, then you’d probably have some luck if the Sent player wants to get into Unfly Mode. He’s probably gonna want that one hit, so your best chances are to give him that one hit and hopefully connect it into an infinite or go all out with confusing resets to try to kill that Sentinel. Or, snapback that AAA in somehow and kill it, so Sentinel loses an important weapon in fighting off a Magneto, and he dies horribly if your Magneto is on crack.


Hell no magneto doesn’t beat sentinel:lol: :lol:

Just follow him around and kick him ;p, i’m wondering how well just jumping up back when he has you in the corner will work.

Jump up-back call aaa and reposition/set-up.

In all seriousness…sentinel is one nasty mofo and you’ve just got to practice against good sentinels all the time to stand a chance.


There is a lot of blocking involved for Mags in this fight if players are even. Always have to be calm and patient against Sentinel with any character, even rush down. The closer you stay to him the better. Short jump infinite is retarded easy against Sent, as even I can do it all the time to max hits.


practice on hryan’s sentinel, its crazy…and i thought you could do the mag infinite.


Sorry to tell u but Sent/AAA vs Mags/AAA Sent always has the advantage especially if sentinel has capcom then magneto is fucked.There is not a very good chance of magneto getting in at all if the sentinel player keeps the zoning right he wont be able to dash in or come over his head at all.And u better protect ur assist because if u slip up two bars and thats a free character for sentinel.Oh and if u dont know infinites against sentinel i suggest u learn them because if u dont ur gonna have an even harder time killing him if u manage to get that hit in there.And u should also do random hyper grab tempest whenever he gets to close they can still mash but if they dont then u got him and a free infinite if ur close to the ground thats about all i have to say laterz.


snap out and rush captain the fuck down


do a mag tempest then DHC hailstorm.

then run away.


My friend Foomyjin tried that against row at evo. Row was in unfly mode and was able to unfly and block in time, and his sent was like at the top of the screen too.


excuse me for asking, but why should mags wavedash? Isn’t his dash already fast enough?


It will be much faster…Ppl may want to be faster with wavedash…
I wonder are u the same guy i read in…?:smiley:


thx for all the advice yeah i do know how to do the inf pretty good without messing it up but the prob is damn golden nizmors sent is too good


if you manage to get close to sent, keep pressure on him like a freak until you can land a successful hit on him…i find it can be hard to rush him down successfully cuz his super armor helps a little plus, he’s bigger so you need to do higher tri jumps to get to his other side…higher meaning they take a little longer…but anyway, once you get in, you don’t wanna lose your spot, so keep pressure on him safely, that is, tri jumping either when he’s in blockstun or if his assist is already out…regular jumps cancelling non-whiffed j.fp’s into’s are good for keeping him in blockstun.

this is just a little thing, but i find it helps mag when fighting sent…when coming from the air with an attack, non-whiffed fp cancelled into fk is a good thing. might be obvious to a lot but might go overlooked too much, i dunno, bye.


how about sent,cable,spiral team chiping the hell out of ya
all sent is going is jumping back and rocket punching into spiral assist

damn damn damn sent to hell


i always thought wavedashing with magz looked slower cuz he has that slight pause in between each dash.


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