Mvc2: magneto vs sentinel i need help!



Collossus can stop sentinel with the right assist type or one on one. I beat all of your friends at Rockys Replay with him a lot when I came to visit last month. TAZ wanted me to play you but you moved or something…He said your Magneto killed him Very badly
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just ummm…RUSH THAT SHIT DOWN! :lol:


it depends on the team ur playing aganist, if it’s sent/plus good aa, and say u have mags with psy, best chance is to snap,(like dubble X said) because we know that capcom and cammy (sort) suck aganist rushdown, or get them in the infinite, do a reset, or do tempest combo(preferibly in the corner, a little bit harder) and when u attack , do it at the right time


MVC2: Magneto vs Sentinel…

Here’s a match-up that I love to have when I am playing Magneto…Why?

Who is better in a one-on-one situation?

I’ll tell my opinion after some people post…


Now tell us why XD


My opinion? Mags if he’s played right. If Mags gets in close, Sent is pretty much helpless. If Sent starts flying/unflying, Hyper GravxxTempest (or just a Tempest) gets him down, even if he unflys and blocks. After Tempest finishes, Mags can maneuver back into beatdown range and continue the assault. Not to say Sent gets totally owned by him in a one-on-one situation, but the advantage goes to Mags.

Black Cyclone


sent doesn’t like his opponent all on his nuts…

it’s pretty obvious owns sent if he get in, but he can easily be advanced blocked and would have to retry again and again… but only after he had been chip 2-6 points…

it’s just about who makes the mistake first or if sent give up his gaurd to either change his game plan or… whatever else.


personally, i think sentinel is better one on one. magneto has no way of locking down sent to get in, and a jumping fierce takes away all of magneto’s momentum. to cleanly hit sent, he has to come from above, and sentinel probably isnt going to be below magneto, if he can help it. plus, magneto cant do any unmashable tempests against sent, so he doesnt have any surefire way to do a lot of damage to sent. Magneto can work his butt off to land a few hits in, and sent can jumping fierce and rocket punch, and sent will probably be even. Magneto has to work a lot harder in this fight, especially without an assist.




Bah, just keep sj’ing around with magneto and watching where sent goes. if he gets near you, mash fp while he’s on his way up, magic grab him, if he stays on the ground, attack him{save your airdash for right before you are within attack range just in case he tries a real late hsf or a launcher}. sent has no aaa 1 on 1 so i think maggie can do much better when it’s like this.

btw, 1 hit with magneto = easy 50% on sent and possibly a reset, it’s not uncommon.


The advantage definetly goes to Mags. Sent is too slow and doesn’t posess the skills to keeps Mags out. Only a Mags mistake would give Sent the edge. If my Sent is up against a good Mag, I run him out asap.


well i think sent wins this 1 usally. cuz sent just stays away assits. then fly away so that magus cant touch him. my mag. is pretty good but i cant seem to beat a good sent wit just a mag. But magus has many ups on sent like rushdown, speed, and infin. i say that if ur playn’ a magus agaist a sent try to put em’ in a infin because the player will try a let u get a hit so that sent will b in unfly mode


I would say mag because he is the fastest person in the game and Sentinel to big and if mag gets close he can go ahead and start an infinite with just one lk and it over for Sent…Basically I saw this happen… someone was playing Mag the other Sent …The guy with mag started rush that shit down and when he got in one lk it was over…So to me in my opinon MAG WINS!!!


Mag has the advantage, but the advantage is very small.
Sent has a lot of things to protect himself from Mag, but Mag also has a lot of ways to protect himself from Sent.

Mag has the slight advantage because his air-to-ground game is EXTREMELY strong. Mag can basically keep Sent pinned for a considerable amount of time, allowing Mag to constantly come crashing down on Sent’s head or knocking Sent outta the air.
What protects Sent from Magnus rapings is his super armor, stamina, damage, and good movement. Mag has to work harder to deal damage on Sent, than vice versa…but it’s still Magneto! :evil:

Mag just has to watch out for HSF’s, Frying Pans, etc.

I think the match is 5.5:4.5 in Mag’s favor.


I agree, in a one on one situation, all sent has to do is j.fp, if mags ever gets close, just push block him away, Mags shouldn’t be counted out though, he can cause sent some major damage, espically if he gets caught into an inf

Advantage goes to Sent, 6:4 IMO

With assist, I think Sent wins this cleanly


With assists? I’ll take Sentinel. It’s not much easier for Mag to get Sent off of him than vice versa. Mag just seems more likely to run headfirst into something and die, though it’s pretty much up for grabs.

1 on 1 it belongs to Mag.


Mags against Sent. Magneto (if played right) SHOULD win easily one on one. Sentinel will not stay on the ground, especially against Mags. Therefore, he’ll be jumping around or in flight mode trying to stomp on you. Just get underneath Sent. Random sj. short with Mags will eventually catch Sent, which can lead to an infinite. If Sent blocks while he’s in the air, that should be an automatic guard-crush for Mags. With assists is a different story. Well, no point in explaining. It all depends on how you guys use Mags or Sent.


W/o assists, yea, its definately Mags. Wut can the big man do against a guy thats incredibly fast? With assists though, Sent can keep a solid keep-away. O, BTW, y do ppl alwayz air combo with just lk lk to rocket punch instead of the full magic series?


Magnus is God

IF the skill levels are about equal, I believe Magnus has a much better array of techiniques at his disposal. Only novices who rely on sentinel’s high damage potential would even come close to thinking sent has what it takes one on one.


One on one? EASY Magneto win.

The trick is, you know what moves Sentinel uses in given situations. If you’re in front, j.fierce. If you’re down-front, stomps. You need to always stay out of those areas. If Sentinel is moving backwards and you have a lead, don’t bother rushing into him. Build meter. You can always bust out tempests for a few pixels. :slight_smile:

For sentinel on the ground, realize you can’t super-jump full screen and then airdash: you’ll get fierced and then he flys. Get on the same half-screen and then superjump and aim to land on his head. Or if you’re already close dash-in crouching short and just stay on him. It’s not hard. Repeat triangle jumps and other basic Magneto stuff. Stay in the same height level and Magneto will walk on him with sj. shorts.

If he’s in the lower air and just waiting to fierce you, by all means, sj. EM disruptor that shit or tempest and see what he tries to do. Usually either option will lead to him taking a hit and unflying and giving you momentum.

If he’s high the air flying around you need to be more careful. You need to wavedash so you’re right under him and sj. straight up with jab/short attacks. If he unflew and blocked, airdash keep attackin / throw /whatever, but if you get him on the ground and blocking you’ve won.