MvC2 Marrow Preview



a preview of some great ideas. She is also a playable character of MvC2 lol .


i hope you realize that the lockdown at the very beginning of the video isn’t even tight enough to actually HAVING TO BE PUSHBLOCKED, you can just jump out between the boomerang and doom.

i would like to see match videos in order to agree with her being playable. Everyone looks playable in a combo/exhibition video.


Goodpoint let’s find out.


I think the most negative thing about Marrow is, her range. Her attacks are so short in range, that it feels as if her arms are being shrunk everytime she attacks. Her launcher sucks, because its too quick, meaning that it doesnt have the right timing and positioning to feel comfortable with her aerial combos. Did anyone understand what I meant by that? Im sure you did, that was the best way I could describe it which was in lame terms. Her launcher should have extended out more, giving you more range to “feel” it. Her aerial combos are too quick, meaning you feel as if you have to slow down just to perform them, I know everyone understands that. Thats mainly because of her reach, which is too short. But, she does have some nice things though. Her supers are decent, and pretty safe to use. She has nice chip damage, combined with Doom, Spiral, Sent. Her assists are pretty good, mainly the projectile. Overall, shes a middle-of-the-pack player, who really cant exceed that limit…


I dont think marrows range really limits her cammy has about the same range and she does pretty well. Marrow can exceed the “middle of the pack” I dont play her seriously because I play too many low stamina characters to begin with but she can cause havoc if you know what your doing with her.


Ranting -
I just think her bonerang is too slow of a move and has fairly little reward. Sure,it takes up a lot of space, but the lag is insane. You need to have an assist covering you or else a fast dasher can come in, which prevents it from being a zoning move.


marrow + good assists can be beast. she can rush down, punish assists for FREEEEEEEEEEE all day, and depending on your assists, can have a decent chip/annoy game. she’s like a… magnus/strider/cable-ULTRA-lite.

bonerang is good though. it eats a lot of assists before they appear, and that in turn is free damage. after a bonerang if blocked, you can go low, jump in, double jump, super jump cancel weird jump move, throw…tons of things. and it eats up like half the screen. there’s probably a way to beef up her lock down game with the bonerang too…need more testing though.


d2k - what’s your Marrow team anyways?

I know Marrow/tron is good, but I’m HORRIBLE with tron. So mine is Marrow/Doom. I’ll add you on xbl. I want to check out how you use her.


i play a lot of marrow/doom, marrow/capcom, marrow/sent, and marrow/iceman. hit me up anytime, lol, i talk big but i could def up my game with her too. very interesting char though.


i don’t main marrow but when i do run her my main team is marrow/gambit/cap.america. very nice combo is dash in- lp-mp,hp+gambit(projectile asst)xxhcb+hp xx bone burst hcb+2pp. with this team every character can be on point with 2 good back ups.


her bonerang can be push-blocked easy. and it seems things only get hit if they’re in the center/near the tail end of it. people can actually stand within the front-end and not get hit.


OK real talk, I need to know some legit teammates for Marrow and what order should they be in.


I find marrow to work best as the third in the lineup since you can call her assist and still DHC into your second character, but i keep her as the second since it won’t cost me three bars to DHC into her qcb+PP super. that super stops just about anybody, even if it doesn’t take that much damage. it even trades blows with storm’s hailstorm and it’s virtually instant on DHC.

a lot of people use her projectile assist as like an assist counter, and that’s okay but her real strength for me lies in the guardstun. if you’re fighting a big character like sentinel or blackheart–hell, even doom–they can’t get away from the assist if you call it while doing your ground series.

when she’s in the lead, i like to use sabertooth on expansion or projectile, or tron on anti-air or projectile. the point is to fill in the space between her ground series and her projectile. it’s serious pin-down and if you catch an assist in it, just go for either super. you’re eye gets trained on the timing after a while.


I’d say second is better. Her assist isn’t that great and DHC into her daggers is pretty safe. If she’s third, then most likely you’ll have to use her without any assists. She doesn’t have enough tools to win solo. You can’t even do a ground chain and chip with bonerang on some characters. For example, Spiderman is small enough to not get chipped by bonerage. Jill can c. fk trip you during the start up time. Guile, Cyke, Cammy, and Psylock can do way more damage solo.

Bottom line is, to do damage with Marrow, you have to have assists to help you chip/combo into supers. There’s no safe and reliable way to do it otherwise.