MvC2 Match up chart?

I’ve beensearching around for a while on the web and found nothing, so now I came here. does anyone know if a Match-up chart for Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 exist?:china:

That thing would need like two screens to be readable. :lol: I guess it has too many characters and too many variables (assists, etc) for anyone to have ever bothered, and it doesn’t help that matchup charts are a Japanese tradition while the game is most popular in the West.

i dont think you can really do a matchup chart in mvc2 since its a team game, but its well know that

magneto > cable
storm > cable
cable > sentinel
sentinel > magneto
sentinel > storm
storm > magneto

what i last heard anyways, which was like 5-6 years ago.

Nobody’s ever bothered making a character matchup chart for that game because its data would depend almost entirely on team context. A team matchup chart would be the more correct fit, but then you’d be dealing with literally hundreds of possible combinations; again, nobody has ever bothered doing this. If you’re looking at just how the most used teams stack up against one another, well then this is the stuff that Marvel players have been debating over for years and years and years.

Here’s a neat starter thread from the Marvel subforum. There will probably be a ton more like it in there of varying vintage that will turn up if you search around.

edit: also general tiering on the Marvel wiki