Does anyone have this video? If yes, can anyone do that 55 hit with storm, that is awesome man. How the hell do they do that?!?!:eek: :eek: :eek:


I had the video but it got deleted from my computer but that combo was incredible to watch. Anyway, I believe there was some sort suki-cancelling involved in there to get the combo to be continuous.


i wish i knew:(
those guys from meikyosisui are combo machines:eek: :eek:
i belive is corner olny and involves a lot of sj.cancels and timed hits with a lot of presition .

still this is the most awesome combo ever seen by me then anakaris combo from vol 8 then omega reds infinite then guiles snic boom shit from vol6 to name a few of the best combos oh forgot ruby heart from vol 7 :cool:


Hey do you know where I can get the other volumes? I only have volume 8. Thanks!


How can you forget the number Morrigan does on sentinel in volume 6. NOW THAT"S FREAKEH.:evil: Personally I think volume 6 is the best because of the music in it :cool:


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not really… a friend showed them and i couldn’t get them out of my mind. but perhaps you can find them in i-mech or kazaa (or any p2p program) anyways i’ll ask my friend where he got them .


kazaa has vol 6-8


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Thanks! By the way, is it still safe to use kazaa? I deleted it when all the suing started. :lame:


Sorry to burst some bubbles in here… but the Meikyousisui combo vids are just for show… Joo… Yuta… alll those guys… are l33t haxors… the whole video is a show… parts of the combos are possible yes… but most arent…


:bluu: Interesting…


I think what he means is that you can easily mash out of Thanos’ bubble to avoid further abuse or roll from combo’s that OTG although I’d be too paralized if I saw storm moving that fast on me :confused:


Red Rovers refering to the fact most of the combos in their vids use suki cancel.


i agree some of them are not possible and i belive they also use gameshark(never noticed when they super the bar doesn’t change numbers:confused: ) still though they look awesome n they still make our jaw drops like rubyheart’s vol-7 combo
that requires god like control to do that :eek:


does anyone have the videos mvc2-meikyousisui-vol6-8 site i can download from ?

yea does anybody have the site or link i can download mvc2-meikyousisui-vol6-8 because i want to see that video so bad and i really want to see that storm combo and some more if anybody out there has the site or link please send it to me thanks


The combo is quite possible to do without any sort of “hacking”. It is yet another display of their masterful choreography using sukicancel and FSD.


U better not break my broken mas stick!!!:lol:


im pretty sure that… the way they achieved suki cancelling included some code/hack/glitch… whatever. but its still good shit.



they used suki cancel for like… 2 extra hits lol
didnt matter in the long run. 55 hits, 50 hits… still dope


Mike, your MAS has got to be the… most original… MAS I have seen to date. When are you coming up here? We gotta play sometime. Scratch that, you gotta teach me sometime. ^^

And yes, sukicancelling uses game bugs. I was refering to the fact that a gameshark or actual code hacking was not involved.