MvC2: Mid-tier counter characters


While the bones of MvC2 have been picked fairly clean at this point, I’d like to start a thread on mid-tier counter characters OR what mid-tiers perform well against the big 4 and work well in specific match-ups.

 One of the most obvious examples of this is Felicia vs. Strider/Doom. While the kitty has pretty bad matchups with most of the top tier (especially Sent + Cable), she shuts down S/D traps fairly effectively(most of 'em anyways).

 Anywho, throw out some more examples. What mid-tier characters have good match-ups with Sent/CC? Cable/AAA? Storm? Mags? etc. etc.


Megaman and Doom/sentinel traps work really well against mags. Megaman w/ assist can have 4 projectiles on the screen at the same time! :eek: Rush that shit down, magnus!


Omega Red can take on 3 of the big 4.

Sentinel is just a big fucking bad ass…


What can Omega Red do against Cable? And how does he not just get AAAed by Storm (Psy or Commando)? Curious.

Bison does okay vs Cable, though Cable/Doom is harder. Anakaris supposedly does well vs Storm (launcher beats her jump attacks, she can’t run away, and I suppose some other stuff). Colossus does okay vs Magneto, and Guile/Charlie AAA is good vs Spiral and Sentinel. Iceman beats a lot of characters if he has a sizeable lead and it’s down to 1 on 1, because of the block damage thing. Jin AAA is good vs Magneto, and Sak’s AAA (Dash, whatever) is good vs most traps. Venom is supposed do do okay vs Magneto. Dhalsim does well vs Storm, Cable, and Magneto, as does Megaman. Cyclops (he’s top tier, but I should mention him anyway) does well vs Storm. For the record I consider MM, Dhalsim, and Iceman second tier.


Even though this doesn’t mean Bison is good against Storm, I just found it interesting;

If Storm is running away, do a head stomp. As long as Storm is on the screen, no matter how high she is, Bison will jump all the way up there. True, he’s vunerable afterwards and such but as far as suprise tactics go, it’s pretty shocking to see Bison come flying up right at your head as you’re running away. It looses its shock value after a few times but still, I found it suprising when it was done to me.


Spiderman can be a counter to Cable, if played corectly!


you have the option of doing a super after the head stomp…sometimes you can cancel into a super and then cancel into another super to counter any retaliation that your opponent might try…:slight_smile:


My opinion:

Ruby Heart can work relatively well against half of the top tier: namely Magneto and Cable.

As for the other half, Storm can run away from her, and Sentinel can flat out overpower her.

Against the so-called second tier, she might not even have a bad matchup.


Ummm…Cable destroys Ruby Heart.

And while she may have some tricks against Magneto, she’s at a fair disadvantage in that fight as well.



Explain. From my experience, Cable versus Ruby Heart has been a position war moreso than anything else.


By all means OR doesn’t counter Cable… nor does he counter Storm. But he does Ok against them.

*check guide or read thread about OR if you want answers.


wooo wooo!

X-men for Gc is too good!

I think wolverine is good in that game!

Sim is great in mvc2 as long as mag/storm don’t have sent/capcom backing them up:p :o


Capcom doesn’t hinder him as much as people think. First off, you can always choose not to attack. Second, if you do a C.Jab, C.Strong C.Fierce string, it will actually hit Commando out of his AAA at that range. The only AAA that is really a problem in that situation is Doom. But then again, Storm isn’t going to ground rush you much, so Doom isn’t as big an issue. Sentinel is probably the biggest roadblock for Dhalsim. Pryde always said that Sim beats Cable, but I’ve never seen it personally. It could be true, but I’m not sure.


Jin can fight toe-to-toe with Mags…especially when super armor is activated


Mixup and Bshido’s avs rock! :smiley: Where do you get the baby characters from, or do you make them yourselves?

Anyway I play Ruby quite a bit, and I will say she can go up against Cable. She’s at a huge disadvantage, because Cable can do way much more damage to her, from further away, if she slips up, than she can do to Cable if he slips up.

However, if she gets near him on the ground and starts with her C. Roundhouse kick xx Sublimation and calling ghosts and Doom and what not, Cable finds it hard to get out of that shit because he’s lacking maneuvrability and Sublimation plus Doom rocks keeps his assists out.

That said, Ruby/ Doom is hardly the tightest trap and one slip up = 3 x AHVB = dead Ruby/ Doom. :bluu:

Ruby’s decent vs. Cable but hardly a counter character.


Ironman works good against cable players. He can super jump, then airdash up, then smart bomb. Also IM has more priority than cable. You just got to play smart.

Cammy is pretty good against storm. If storm ever throws out a horizontal whirlwind or a vertical typhoon you can KBA on reaction. Also Cammy has a good priority launcher to help stop triangle jumps.


no, jin can’t come close to being able to fight magneto, end of story.

If he has super armor, he’s almost dead.

Your competition SUCKS if you’re taking out magneto’s with jin.


Venom does well vs. Mags until Mags realizes that he can hypergrav virtually all of Venom’s moves. Then you can only use him as an assist against Mags, but he is a really good assist vs. Mags. Venom Fang assist stops all the triangle jumping stuff. It stops his ground dashes. Really great for characters that can either compete or almost compete with Mags, like Blackheart.


Not S.Fierce.

And Venom’s jump roundhouse beats Magneto’s jump X.


Wolverines have some unique abilities which make him worth consideration. He can punish assists safely with damaging resets while forcing the point to block everything (AFAIK, only the Top 3 are capable of doing this, and this is why I feel Wolverine beats Cable), he has great positioning ability with the Drill Claw (again, Wolvy can drill claw assists and be in a great position to attack the point), his ground game is unmatched and Bonerine’s assist is very very good.

You have to know the character very well, though, that takes a lot of experience.