MVC2 mix from the neo vs clockwork moneymatch?

Can anyone tell me the name of the Dreamcast MvC2 mix from the Neo Vs. Clockwork $$$ Match? I’ve got a few on hand, but this one is GDLK and I want to track it down…

this is Neo. The mix that was being played was my personal mix, a good friend of mine made it for me. I’m glad you made this thread since I’ve been geting tons of messages asking me where the mix came from lol. Hopefully they come here now:

Character Selection screen: Lil Wayne - Walk in
Training stage: Kill Bill Soundtrack - the lonely sheperd
Clocktower stage: Ken’s theme guitar
Cave Stage: Soulja Boy- crank that (travis drum remix)
Flying boat stage : bloodsport - kumite
Desert stage: The Last Samurai - The red warrior (starts at 1:19)
Clown stage: Ricky Martin - Livin la vida loca
Ice Stage: Paul Oakenfold - Get out of my life now
Factory Stage: Metallica - Enter Sandman
Bridge/boat stage: Saint Seiya - Pegasus Fantasy.
Abyss Stage: T.I. - yea you know

If you come across anybody else that would like to know the songs, refer them here please ha.

You would have to edit “The Red Warrior” to start at 1:19, otherwise it starts different. Same thing with Metallica.