$$$Mvc2 Money Matches Regency vs. James Games$$$

(Dp under Ruben’s username) Ok, so enough with the bullshit and runaround games. I’m going to post the money matches I would like to see and personally sponsor.

Khaos vs. Fregency Rob $500 I’d like to see this go down so bleh why not. Khaos is backed the full $500, so will anyone back rob? Nam? Bill? Watts? Regency? Edit/Update-I think Freegency Robert just bitched out in the other thread so this might be scratched…

Mike Chaos vs Dorian $200-$500, I think this would be a good matchup so ya who will back Dorian?

Dark Prince(me) vs. Potter $500(NO THAT IS NOT CODE FOR $1000 NAM) I think this would be a good matchup. I’d really like to play potter because I like playing vs. other monsters. While I’m under my money matches, I’ll play ANY Freegency player, ANY one there $500-1000+) because I know you are all free…

These are the matches I will sponsor, these other personal vendettas such as Khaos vs. Bill, Khaos vs. Dexterous for a whopping $20, you kiddies will have to figure all this out on your own.

Any date after Feb. 20th is good for me. Bill/Nam/Watts(because I know you people like to bet it up and are not bullshitting around) get at me cause I’ll be waiting. I’m trying to get this money.

Potter is part of Regency? :wasted:

I’d personally like to see Mike versus Black Juan.

Or a Team MM. Team James vs Team Regency. James would take this shit. Free.

P.S. Rubillionaire will beat everybody at Regency with Ken.

Damm such hype, I gotta get this on film…

Not interested in playing marvel.

Play soo/chunk/chris s. They’d give you a better fight than I could.

GS at regionals taking teams.

not apart of regency either, not apart of anything.

someone record vids

since potter doesnt care to play the only match I want to see/invest in is Bill v Khaos Fto10. Bill is willing. any other match is none of my interest.

Get ready ppl, there’s a storm coming this wkend. Lights, camera and action…