MvC2: Morrigan thread!

ok well since there isn’t one … you know the deal well let me get started a thread which i’m sure will thrive!..

basic shit well tri jump a lot it is weird to see her tri jump but her T.jump is effective because; she is pretty fast she can trip and then do tht thing that mags does and otg into ac.

try to combo on to her speacials PRIMARLY THE BEAM SUPER ON THE FLOOR!!! it does SICK!!! damage in the corner or anywhere else! well the only hard part is to connect it but it’s really effective if you DHC it in.

her ac of choice would be Magic series and end it w/ fierce then just grab them it’s funny cuz they usually will get hit and then if they dont roll just umm i think you can grab them w/ the command throw asap it’s hella funny:lol:

hmm and try to get ways to connect into her air super it’s strong… but it’s kinda hard to connect it :frowning:

hmm… OH she had an infinate that is really hard to do though in the corner it goes like this:lk mk hkXX super jump XXad forward, lp mp / lk mk hk… it’s really hard to do! cuz it’s tricky and iffy and …etc.

hmm thts it i think well umm have fun using her!