MvC2: Morrigan

Trying to find a new player to play with? Try Morrigan. Why you ask? Here are some reasons:

Soul Eraser does massive damage
She can triangle jump
Good at crossing people up
Has some infinites

If you need any strats or have any questions just ask.

Does she have any super jump cancel combos? fro example, c.rk, sj cancel, ad d/f sj.lp,…?

I like to use Morrigan occasionally as well, but that dash of hers tends to be a problem (and often leaves her open to retaliation). Anyways, if you could, tell us of the infintes you speak of!


What kind of problems are you having with her dash? Maybe I can Help.

As for the infinites:

j. magic series(lp,lk,lp,lk), finish with j. hp(sentinel only)

s.lp, launch,, xx qcb hk land repeat. (doom only, it’s on one of the mikez vids forgot which one.)

My friend told me you can do the second infinite on anyone, but I haven’t really tested.

no, she can’t cancle her i also tried this:

launch, sj. hp, dash d/f…but she can’t:(

ive played around with Morganna alot back when i thought i was GOD of MvsC2… shesh i missed those days when i REALLY though Jin was GOD… :lame:

o well i would love to see some people put some input and insight into this Thread… !!:smiley:

Her tri-jump with lp is insanely good, i like her command grab.

My favorite duo for her is morrigan/tronn

{quick overview for those who don’t know}

MAssive damage with and either super of her’s{works great after fast cross-up}

magix series+tronn assist then tri jump rushdown is too ghetto but it pays off.

Fp throw into tronne assist does around 35%-45% life

Morrigan isn’t GREAT but she’s like a lower tier magneto…basically what magneto SHOULD have been :lol:

Anyways, i don’t really know shit about her so i’ll shut up now.


kinda cool that you can combo her kick super, and her soul eraser, but it sucks that you can only do it in the corner…

hp,projectilexx souleraser or the other kick super… massive dammage though

Morrigan is a good character with a lot of unexplored possibilities. I’ve tooled around her in the past, and tried to get by on raw MvC1 experience, but I had put her in the backburner for awhile. I’m going to try her again, though.

IMO, Morrigan’s best assist is Cyclops. B&B combo is c.short -> c.strong -> c.fierce (call B-Cyclops) ^ sj.short -> sj.forward (optic bullet hits) Darkness Illusion. Without an assist, her aircombo should be sj.short -> sj.strong -> sj.forward -> ender. She ends her combos with either sj.fierce (better positioning), Soul Fist (better damage), or Shadow Blade (corner only, sets up a high-low game).

Since her best combo is assist-oriented, you should try to play Morrigan without assists, so Cyclops is available if you do get a hit. Fortunately, since she has a near perfect anti-air on her own with jab shadow blade, this isn’t TOO difficult.

Doom/Tron/Venom-only infinite: c.fierce ^ sj.short -> sj.DN+roundhouse xx shell kick, land, walk under, s.jab -> c.fierce, repeat. You can do up to six cycles, and if you have Cyclops assist you can end it with her B&B. Or you can go for resets.

Sentinel-only infinite: j.fierce -> j.rh, land, (j.short -> j.strong -> j.fierce -> j.rh) to corner, then (j.jab -> j.short -> j.strong -> j.forward -> j.fierce -> j.rh). This infinite works, the trick is to space the hits out as long as possible. Practice and you’ll get it.

I suck w/ Morri, but I’ll just add that Soul Eraser can be comboed anywhere off a deep downback HP XX Soul Fist XX Soul Eraser. Looks flashy if you do a full ground chain + Sent Drones, then tag that last bit on the end.

Her dash at times leaves her open, especially when it’s done in a downward curve that then quickly goes upwards. Anyways, thanks for the infinte combos, I’ll go try them out.


you can cancel her dash into anything! that means you dont hav to go upwards. try d. hk when you are above them.


No wonder.

My I feel a bit stupid.


it HAD to be resurrected sooner or later.
Soul Eraser - Good for DHC possibilities, bad for the ending lag and crappy damage. Grounded = more damage. Chipping for that super is horrible.

Darkness Illusion - Pretty simple to connect w/ assists. Tiger knee the motion and you can OTG and launch + free air combo or follow it up with the uppercut super. Has priority over Strider’s ouroboros.

Uppercut super - Instantaneous startup, cant DHC into anything else since the “super background” only lasts momentarily. Crappy damage.

Morrigan is played much like any other rush character. Unfortunately, she takes damage horribly, her moves dont have much priority, and she doesnt deal damage very well. She has 3 airdashes: one that makes a downward half parabola, one that’s shaped like an arch, and one that’s shaped like a U. Each air dash is cancellable with (i think) any punch or kick button.

Dont underestimate her fireball. It still hurts despite Morrigan being horridly raped from MvC1. Air fireball keeps her suspended in air a bit longer, and it’s decent to fire an air ball in the middle of your assist just to keep them blocking.

Just some basic tactics:

Jump, U-dash lp lk, land lp, lk, launch. Deceptive because if you “shave” the ground with the U-dash, morrigan looks grounded and the opponent may stay crouch blocking

Superjump, Shell pierce xx Drill kick. Drill kick hits 3 times, but sometimes the opponent is hit despite them blocking. Make sure you cancel a drill kick into a shell pierce and not just shell pierce. its not a great tactic to begin with, but its worse to do a shell pierce since she falls slowly.

She does have a superjump cancel infinite, but i havent been able to pull it off for more than 2 rounds. sj xx U-dash xx lp lk lp lk hk shell pierce, lp lk lp lk hk shell pierce

Her shell pierce leaves her in a weird situation. After either the opponent blocks OR gets hit, she cant block. But while in the air, she can airdash (uncancellable), she can do any command move (soul ball, shadow blade, drill kick), and call an assist.

I believe most (if not all) headstomp-type moves have this same property. Dasrik and ChunLi’sPimp tried to explain this concept to me, but i still dont get it.

She also has this combo:
lp lk hk superjump xx parabola-dash lp lk hk (i think)

Been awhile since i used morrigan.

Here’s sorta a guard break for morrigan

jump darkness illusion, dhc. heh. ghey

but meh.

Morri has a better guard break. Late jump fierce, land, launch. Or you can just jump fierce (at height) then wait a bit and DI (old school MvC1 GB).

Also, Morrigan can use unfly mode. Yeah, it’s weird. If she’s in unfly mode, she can block or attack after the shell pierce. If not, she can do neither.

Random thread resurrection…

Random DC.Fierce + Cyclops is kind of like Cyclops/Cable random S.RH strats. If DC.Fierce connects, do Fierce Shadow Blade xx Darkness Illusion, and Cyke will carry them into it.

Long Live This Thread

I just can let this thread die so here is one of my secret combos with morri you must have rouge and dash assist so here it goes

SP (call rouge, hits) move forward, Dopplenganger (you have to time it) Crouching lk, crouhing Sp, call rouge, Soul Eraser :slight_smile:

every time this hits it does about 90% damage maybe even 100% if your lucky

rogue dammit rogue
how many million people are there who call her rouge…
anyways that combo seems pretty escapable, mostly cos of the second rogue assist call, they can avoid that pretty easily by jumping back or calling their own assist or whatever

more kind of like a reset… interesting

Long Live This Thread

what’s dopplenganger?
what’s sp?

or if u fight anakaris, he should be dead after the crouching lk :slight_smile:

btw, if your gonna use soul eraser, you might as well dash up to them and tiger knee a darkness illusion, (otg) and launch. soul eraser’s damage changes with the size of the character (servbot vs storm, and storm takes a decent amount of damage because she’s hovering over the ground, but she’s standing up fully. she’s about the height of a soul eraser height.)

Can someone please explain to me how to get into Morrigan unfly mode???