mvc2 my first combo video iron man, storm, sentinel and cable

Well I’m one of the members of Team Silent Weapon here in Cusco city - Peru, I’m new in shoryuken but I want to know your opinion about a video that I uploaded last year on august a combo exhibition video that show some interesting setups, combos, refly, unfly sjc, etc. I know most of this stuff is well know by the veterans but I would like to know the opinion of the mvc2 top players this is the youtube’s link :karate: [media=youtube]d55lpVr6lM4[/media] :badboy: If u have a youtube account comment too PEACE:hitit:

very sick really like the iron man combos good work

So you’ve done a combo video with all the same combos that are in every other combo video. Congratulations.

and people say this game never gets old. Seriously, after Meik and Magnetro, I’ve yet to be impressed by anything Marvel.

nothing really new here but i always give props to people who rock marvel, good showing man

Just as a heads up, your first cable combo doesn’t actually combo

Maybe you misunderstand the point of this sub forum, but this is supposed to be a place where noobies ask questions to more advanced players.

There is a combo vid thread in the fighting game discussion forum.

you’re right I saw that combo from djb13 chapter 34 compilation mix but waht about my 4 bullets xx sjc + viper beam + HVB

That’s right man sorry I confused but understand me please i’m new here

thanks 4 the advice man

That’s right man sorry I confused but understand me please i’m new here

The point of a combo video in a game like this isn’t to add an old trick to an old combo. The point is to make a new trick and show what can be done with it.

Example - I recently saw a combo that added a jumping chain into Thanos’ bubble infinite. It was the exact same infinite with another attack added between reps and somebody said “New Thanos infinite”

What new infinite? If you took Magneto and added in a s.lp, (1hit) between each rep, is that a new infinite? No, it’s adding an old trick to an old combo, so you basically have two old combos in one. Nothing new here.