mvc2 my first combo video iron man, storm, sentinel and cable

Well I’m one of the members of Team Silent Weapon here in Cusco city - Peru, I’m new in shoryuken but I want to know your opinion about a video that I uploaded last year on august a combo exhibition video that show some interesting setups, combos, refly, unfly sjc, etc. I know most of this stuff is well know by the veterans but I would like to know the opinion of the mvc2 top players this is the youtube’s link [media=youtube]d55lpVr6lM4[/media] If u have a youtube account comment too PEACE


Well I post this 'cause somebody told me to do here I do it in a wrong forum

honest mistake so: this is the thread you want to post in. Where all new combo videos go.

Post your video there and people will come.