MvC2 need help


im austin and ive got a few questions about mvc2 like what exactly am i suppose to do with dr doom with my strider team…
another question i have is what dose it mean when people say AAA example: cyclops[AAA]
…yes i am a MvC2 noob but im trying to get beter



Strider/Doom = best trap in the game.

And Cyclops AA = Anti-Air, its the assist type.


soo how sould i do this trap


Go to the MvsC2 part of this forum and ask. Don’t ignore people trying to redirect to the correct forum, or you’ll have a very short carreer here.

As the sticky thread says:

“All Marvel versus Capcom 2 Threads are in the MvC2 section”


ooops im sry i thought that was just the strageties section sry i just joined today


AAA = Anti Air Assist

and Strider Doom setup :


learning to read would be a start.


Wow… Just… Wow…


ummmm how do i do magnetos infinite?


That’s not funny.




When someone posts something in the wrong section…DONT ANSWER THEIR QUESTION!!!

Damn, its making it ok to post things in the wrong sections. First day or not, I know you can read…SO DO SO before you post!!