MvC2 Newbies


With the release of MvC2 theres been a lot of new players playing it, including me.
Since a lot of people have had a 10 year head start with the game I can’t get wins in the game. I can barely do with then 6 hit combos.
So if anyone else is new to the game and wants to play with other newbies post your gamertag here.
Don’t be afraid to add me
gamertag: da DvNt


I’m new to the game and interested. My gamertag is Pyrosynthesis. Please only add me if you’re going to be active because my friend list is beginning to reach its limit.


I’d be interested in getting a few games in, I had contemplated making a topic like this to begin with. Probably won’t be playing online till tomorrow though, so we’ll see.


Ya sounds fun my gtag is: Unknown saint44 add me for some fun


Pwningnewbs find me on live…


gamertag: dragoontempesta

add me if you want a meatsack to punch around.


GT: HavoKDarK


Yeah I’m quite newb myself, it is a lot different than SF4 thats for sure, and I’m quite good at SF4, add me on xbox live my gt is Qw33ts


GT: PK Kros. I should be on most of the day.


gamer tag to the left


subscribed. GT is on the left :wgrin:

can you change titles of threads? I think i good title would be “the scrub corner: MvC2 noob tags” :sweat:


GT: FireMontag451


My GT is Zengaime

Being able to play against people that are at my level would be awesome.


To be honest, I usually don’t see the really good players hanging around in player matches, and if they do, they usually won’t go into god tier rape mode.

So to those of you who think you’re not doing too well, you’re not really far behind. I don’t want to see this game die in a couple of weeks online.


Im not a COMPLETE noob but i do get raped on occasion lol. Actually quite often now that i think about it…

gt on left

pm me on xbl if u wanna play just say that u read it on srk


I’ve messed around a little bit and would like some people to play. Gamertag is neondr4gon


Haven’t gotten a chance to play for the past few days. Hopefully I will be able to get on today or tomorrow.


I’m MagicalMatt42 on the Xbox!
play with MEEEE! Oh and feel free to give me pointers. :lovin:


gamertag : brutaLChris
played casually on the dreamcast.