MvC2: Normal-Jumping triangle jump from crouch?


Sorry for a confusing title. Just recently I figured out that you can effectively rush using normal jumping. I always did it with a super jump, then canceled. This ment my Storm’s rushing was very sub par, but I like what I have been doing with the normal jump triangle jumping with her, Doom, and Ironman. What I see though, normally after a triangle jump with say Storm - I naturally follow up with two crouching attacks, but then I want to triangle jump again. Unfortunatly - I am crouching and when I hit up - I super jump. Is there anyway to normal triangle jump, crouching attack, normal triangle jump…etc? I always end up doing the super jump version, which does not give me much of a good rush down - especially with my Storm.


Unless they’re blocking, no.


walk up s.short works pretty well, I’m sure there’s another method, but I like to, c.short, s.short, jump xx dash j.short


sj tri jumping is faster once you get the hang of it…


but it’s easier to block, it’s harder to react to a sprite moving versus the entire screen moving.

Also, I’m pretty sure jump cancels are faster, but that’s just me, SJ cancels are useful since they allow you to turn.


Normal jumping triangle jumps are better because you can’t hear Magneto jump like he does if he superjumps first, meaning, if people are accustomed to just hearing the sound and blocking, they’ll get hit pretty easily unless they’re experienced against that.


I used to rely on sounds until I started playin at an arcade with a constant stream of rap music…some players bring cd players to keep their rhythm even at tournaments… I don’t like dividing my attention so I focus more on the visuals, props to anyone who can hear the sj sound before they see him leave the ground…


IMO the only good “normal” jump triple jump is iron mans, his is the best for getting peeps off guard. And its one of his main attacks for setting up the inf.



About your problem… Its not even a problem. Crouching then holding up won’t cause you to sj. You’ll still normal jump. Sj is down then up quickly. Not hold down, then up. Those 2 low attacks you did are more than enough to guarantee a normal jump if you just roll the stick from down to up.


Yeah, this is what I was thinking. Or maybe when you land, you tap down + short or whatever, and try jumping again, really quickly, possibly registering as a sj.


normal jump short with mag is really good
use it


I sincerely havne’t tried it with magnus - just trying to abuse it with Storm and her jab, and Iron man. It worked with War Machine - and since I sincerely have NEVER seen anyone play as War Machine…not even for casual play - I was just experimenting with it similarily to Iron Man. Well if I’m doing it with Magneto, which button would ya’ll recommend for Attack…with Mags I normally triangle jump using roundhouse, but I don’t know with the combonation of my lack of triangle jump precesicion, and the nature of the roundhouse - if it is still as effective, and I should go back to using d.short.

So when in videos - when I see the “real” low to the ground and extremely fast triangle jumps those are still sj triangle jumps? Dammit - I’d still have a very long way to go to even be competitive with the jumping techniques…


You could just look out for the sj. “splash”. Just look for the splash and hold back instead of db. The thing about normal jump tri-jumps is that there is no splash and for players who even looks out for that, that would get them by surprise.

I used to be told to “always use sj. your tri-jumps”, but fuck that, I just use normal tri-jumps for weak attacks and get better results. I don’t see a point in using the sj. tri-jumps with weak attacks anymore since you get the same (and more effective) effect with normal tri-jumps. The only time I’m using sj. tri-jumps is if I want to use a hard attack instead (sj. HK with Mag for example) and if I want to cross-up with an attack. Crossing up with a normal tri-jumps seems harder.

I don’t think have a choice but to use normal tri-jumps with characters like Doom and IM/WM, their sj. tri-jumps are too slow.


try this to start a triangle jump

SUPER JUMP->THEN QUICKLY AIR DASH TO THE PERSON->Press both punches->Kick->Air Dash Up to down-> Repeat


Yeah that works…:lol:


SJ tri-jump IMO is better than normal jump. with a normal jump, it may be faster and all but it’s to slow to cross up with. You can only hit high with normal jump effectivly. With sj, you can either cross up or hit high, and both are fast. SJ is obvisouly better for rushdown mixup.