MVC2 NYC/ Longisland


I play at ctf and sunrise movie thearter in roosedale. also ive played at oceanside nathons bayside peter pan and westbury nathons anyone else speak up


How are the machines at Rosedale and Oceanside? Are they 1 or 2 tokens? When’s the next time you’ll be at those places? I might be at Nathans tomorrow (Sunday) at around 8:30-9:00pm. Last time I was there, the right side was acting up… hopefully it’s fixed by now.


Hey golba you play at Flushing Mall??? We might go to the tournament on Sat. (15th) It starts at 1. Can you make it???


i go to ctf sometimes(but get owned) i go to port authority(but get owned). maybe ill see about this flushing tourny


The first time I went to ctf, I got wrecked too!!! Never been to port authority. Hope to see you there.


did any of you guys go to the flushing tourny?


why didn’t you guys show? It was mad fun heh


We was there late b/c of traffic. We got there when Dennis (who loves playing against Megaman/Blackheart:D ) was playing the semis. Had to bounce when MvC2 was over b/c our man Bernard was on a tight schedule, but hn2682 (Tall asian who uses MSP) was able to sneak in 2 games. I was the asian guy with spiked hair and black glasses and Bernard has the beard and hat. Did any of you guys go? We’ll try to make the next tourny.


erk? U got owned at the Port Authority? How the hell? PA comp sucks so much ass…

CTF is understandable…


well when i went, i got beat by this tall asian kid w/ spiky hair, and another time i went it was this black kid that wore a hood and glasses.:frowning: :frowning:

but ill try at these flushing tournies and see how i do


The Tall Spikey Haired asian was probably Pungza and the black kid with a Hood and glasses was definatley Desmond, They are both really good so dont feel bad bout getting owned by them

Whats Wrong with Megaman/Blackheart???


NOO!!! I’m going to the next flushing mall tournament and im going to own anyone that goes, even you!!! You guys are probilly all scared of me anywayz fear me because i am you leader!!!


hood with glasses eh?..gee i wonder who can that be:evil:?..hehehe…


so where’s the best place to go for mvc2? and what times? it’s been too long since i’ve played someone in mvc2. i went to peter pan today (which was empty) and i felt so rusty. i could barely do an AHVBx3. i don’t mind getting my as kicked as long as there will be people to play.


Are you student in RIT? or MCC? I overheard they had good players there. I never have seen in Rochester for two years. sigh

Now… My birthplace (also hometown) New York City has several places who have good to best players.

Queens: Flushing (near highway) so I forgot what is name.

Bronx: I dunno where

Brooklyn: I guess Coney Island

Manhattan: Chinatown Fair (I live two blocks away), Time Square (Time Out, ??? and Port Authority)

Staten Island: I think none of there.

Long Island: ??? I never go there yet around in Arcade except Roosevelt (sp) Field.


LOL, there’s nothing wrong… infact, that duo is EVIL!! Megaman takes massive chunks of life in like 3 seconds with jumping HP+assist!! Right now, we’re experimenting with MM/BH/CapCom and MM/Sent/BH… too f*cking good. I was being sacastic about Dennis… he told us how he lost to Megaman in a previous tourny and we’ve been teasing him ever since:lol: .


yea, i go to rit. there are a handful of good players, most of them friends of mine. but rochester in general has no competition. but anywho, now i’m back home in queens where i don’t know anyone who plays mvc2 seriously and i’ve been going through some serious withdrawal. i was gonna enter last weeks flushing tourny just so i could play another human being, but i screwed up setting my computer to wake me up.

anywho, thanx for the info. i guess i’ll go to chinatown fair when i’m not feeling lazy.


Yeah I know your friend lost to them at a flushing tourney…I was the one using them:evil: I think im the only NYC player that uses them…Not sure though




You have to excuse Golba. He has a virus.

So there are peeps on LI that play. Someone should hold a Dreamcast/Arcade tournament somewhere. Or we should all just go to CTF one night.