MvC2 on console, Yes or No?

I think most cali players dont like console tourneys much and some say its ok, I for one cant play console at all cause it feels unstable, im sure many people would just like to have it to the orginal way and that would be arcade… post up


No contest…

Please no.


no contest.

n to da o

i like to play at the arcade, but i think it might be better for console, so we can do more stuff…like grudge matches and shit… and ya’ll know that AZ has the dopest sticks


ok I am a million miles from anywhere that even THINKS about playing MVC2 (outside USA), so no point in me voting…

But I would like to know what’s different about the console version… why it should be arcade only, or is it ok console.
CVS2 and MVC2 on the surface seem pretty identical on DC to arcade (I’ve heard of a few glitches, but n/m).

This debate will invariably expand to other games (no one tolerates console A3, some tolerate 3s, and ST seems ok). I just want ppl to list the differences… Is MVC2 different on arcade, and if so, WHAT is different about it?

It would be more helpful if people listed reasons, rather than just say YES or NO :slight_smile:


Rehan (Dead Man Inc.)

Console’s SUCK!!! :mad:

arcade only

if ppl were willing to pay that 20 dollar cover that supposedly went towards getting the cabinets there, they’ll do it again this year

No Peg.

(only game that makes the whole STICK itself shake more than the joystick of a high level 3s match (ken,ken. ken, chunli.):confused: :bluu:

I wanted to go to Evo this year.
Now that it’s console, it’s going to fuck all of the control up. This decision alone has made me not want to go.

Yes, your not looking at the bright side… you can bring your own stick we don’t depend on whether or not we get a crappy stick like last year. btw I’m pad player so :lol: