MvC2 on PS2

After discussing the issue with some marvel players in the community, there are a lot of conflicting reports on what is excatly wrong with the PS2 version of MvC2.

In other games the situation isn’t as critical, but in MvC2 it’s critical to get to the bottom of this. DC’s all over are dying year after year, controller ports are malfunctioning, matches are taking way too long to resolve, etc…

What I am looking for is 100% verifiable differences in PS2 MvC2. Here are some guidelines:

  1. Ice stage is confirmed to have slowdown, please test findings on multiple stages, and especially the training mode stage.

  2. The AC glitch has been spoke on a ton of times, unless you have something new on the topic lets not sidetrack on it

If this has been done already please just link me back to it and i apologize in advance, but searching did not yield what i wanted to know, and as i said earlier, to date the marvel players are all giving conflicting responses.


  • Tron Bonne’s super lags really badly. I would randomly get about 30 hits mid-screen off of Lunch Rush instead of the usual 41 - that’s game-breaking for a Tron player.[Preppy]

  • Ryu can throw near infinite air fireballs before hitting the ground, cannot on DC

When I didn’t a PS -> DC adapter for my program pad I remember programming any combos in PS2 training mode and when I’d try them on normal stages they wouldn’t work at all. PS2 has lag on all stages.

On all arcade mode stages, or including trainning mode?

FMJ - If you’re looking into the possibility of MvC2 on a system other then the dreamcast, I would suggest the XBOX rather then the PS2. MvC2 is on PS2 is actually quite a collector’s item and fairly difficult to obtain.

No one factor can really decide everything. I think the best approach is to remove this cloud of mystery and rumors and then see where to go. Cost and availability are one factor, it may be a deciding factor, it may not be, without an accurate list there is nothing to balance the cost against.

Unless you plan on using burned discs in modded PS2s, expect lotsa theft. MVC2 on PS2 and Xbox is rare and worth alot of $$ on Ebay.

For every DC that dies there are 200 more sittin around lol. Seriously.

Tron Bonne’s super lags really badly. I would randomly get about 30 hits mid-screen off of Lunch Rush instead of the usual 41 - that’s game-breaking for a Tron player.

but didn’t they stop making the DC’s, evenutually they are gonna run out right?

i think the best thing that can be done is having mvc2 on cabinet.

now i know this is unlikely to happen, but lets say for example. they take 1 k of the prize money and put that into bring a cabinet with spare parts, transportation, etc. then cost wise they would be affordable right?

now i know that then we will get complainents about people saying that " oh, but there aren’t arcades around where i live so i am only used to playing on MY Stick."

ok well i remember there being some cabinets where you could plug in a controller and use that instead of the sticks for cabinets of football, basketball games, etc.

why not use that 1 k from the prize money to make the cabinet like that, where it has a ps2 and/or a dc port that way people could plug there shit in, and have another monitor for them to see the game at so they could play sitting.

now i know an idea of this would take ALOT of TIME AND MONEY. however if a solution like this could happen i think we would solve the problem for years to come.

simply make it that the games are inter-changable in the cabinet that way other games could be run on it.

Now i know this idea is REALLY out there, so please no neg. rep., i was only trying to figure out a solution to the problem.

However if something like this can’t be done, then obivously the best solution is to have the evo staff proved DC’s and ps to dc adapters with a copy of marvel and then they save it for next year.

And all people have to do is bring a stick.

evo is a console tournament.

What exactly does that have to do with lag? I don’t see how getting 11 damage less off a super from a character that is rarely used is game-breaking. Not a good thing, but not game-breaking.

I’m not sure what has been said with the AC glitch, but I have only seen it happen a couple times. I have ACed through ahvb and oroboros, so it isn’t guaranteed that you are getting hit on the way out.

Sound glitching during character select is a bonus because it adds comedic value~

From what I hear the reason the blue screen thing happens on the DC version, is cause of the mass stick internal design. Is it possible to STOP using the mass sticks and have people use some other stick. DC version is perfect except for this stupid problem.

i believe the Cable players would love x-box for mvc2…lol. its not safe to alpha counter after the ahvb that the other opponent does on you. If you do, both your on point and assist characters are fucked. PS2 is the worst system for mvc2 same with x-box.


timing and speed are different on ps2/xbox.

I don’t know the exact differences in 3s on dc/ps2, but It could be similar. timing on tacitics/combos is off.

character sprite sizes are different i believe too, which changes some combos from working and some combos that dont work in DC, do work. i have some sent and capcom combos that work on opponents that dont work on dc.

Jugg Glitch is out the window I think. So Jugg players might not enter marvel anymore.

Does Sentinel Unblockable still work on Xbox/Ps2???

You take away 10pts or more of damage from anyone’s bread and butter combo, you change that character significantly. She’s a low-tier staple.
FMJ asked for factual data about why PS2 sucks, I provided that. For me, a Tron player, I find PS2 unplayable. shrug

The lag gets so incredibly bad here that the PS2 is dropping frames, near as I can tell - the Lunch Rush doesn’t even look right.

I think MAS gives the most problems but it is not the MAS specifically, I’ve had it happen with like 2 goblins, or goblin + converter stick, or just random. If we’re looking for a solution to the controller problem, the focus should be on figuring out a relatively cost effective way to get standardized stick setups for DC and dc only, not ps2 sticks with converters or anything like that. Cause really, the ps2/xbox version does not work, there are tons of random little glitches and oddities of which trying to make a list doesnt really work, just realize that its off, off enough not to play. The reason blue screen is so prevalent is because marvel more than any other game has a super wide range of controllers being used, some mas 360 some mas switch some ps2 mas converted some agetecs some horis converted hell even some pad thrown in with the DC’s flaky controller ports. If you’re using actual dc pcbs and customing them and only using those sticks the problem would be much less prevalent. So if evo wants to cut down on blue screen, trying to change systems is really an inviable option, they should be looking at options for DC controllers to cut down on BS.

Oh and fwiw if you’re looking at a different system xbox >>> PS2 in my experience, slowdown is not like in the ps2 version and in general its slightly better.

Saying mvc2 with tron doing less damage is worse is also theory fighter.

How much damage/hits do you get off of a tron super by itself in dc/arcade? How about lp mp super, and crossover hp lp mp super? In/out of corner if its different. Mashed/unmashed if its different.

I heard a lot of glitches were removed, including ruby heart glitches, gambit glitch, and juggernaught glitch. I wasn’t able to get gambit or juggernaught to work, but I’m not sure if i’m doing them correctly, as i’ve never actually done them before.

If someone wants something tested, let me know and I’ll try to not be too lazy about it.

Edit: I just tested with tron, i’m getting 40/41 hits off of lunch rush every time. No matter how I combo into it, corner or mid screen. Tested on cable, magneto, and sentinel.

Great, read what I said next time: “that’s game-breaking for a Tron player.”, “you change that character significantly.” and try responding to that. :tup:

“I would randomly get about 30 hits mid-screen off of Lunch Rush instead of the usual 41”. :tup:

That’s why I said “mid-screen”, which definitively (DC/arcade) means that you’re going to get 41+ hits on any character in the game. I was only getting ~30 hits and don’t recall what else was going on because they were actual matches. The second time it happened it burned it into my brain: until that point I thought the PS2 version was playable too. Then the differences in actual play cost me matches… I believe my assists would have been either Megaman-Y or Sent-Y or possibly Mag-A (Cable being the other character), and that assist would either have been on-screen or been combo’d from (spamming projectile assists being fairly critical for Tron), and the opponents would have had to be one of Mag, Storm, Cable, Sent, CapCom, or Psylocke.

Sorry, I don’t have a PS2 here to play through this again. I’m glad you do and so can comment effectively upon what’s changed. I think you’ll find game environments most interesting, which is probably the most fun way to look into it anyways.

I imagine we just annoy each other, so I’ve put you on Ignore. If you want to look into it, great. Thank you- I honestly appreciate your effort, even if we can’t communicate very well with each other.