MvC2 Online for the Atlantic South


This is for ps3 and xbo360. Post if you want to get usernames if u want to get some good comp online with MvC2 or play some old friends. Im using B E Rivers TKO my friends xbox but ill have it until MvC2 is released on PS3 and PSN is Sentinelsforce


Its out on PS3 ?


GT: The Sazae
Both Mixup and Shoultzula have been playing on my account.


<<<<<<<<<<< Add me to the list.:china:


<----- add the scrubist scrub.


Xbox over here hope some of you guys have it.


i’ll add you tonight sentinelsforce…




john sindell, plz show up!!!

I need to learn something from you.



Xbox 360

I’m slowly transitioning from scrub to scrub first class! lol. I’m working on it!




when i get my 360 i’ll have xbla till then add the psn: strickly_biznez
my rndmSelect one is maxed out


<------- add me! Usually free wensdays and thurs, and soon to be sat and sundays.


<--------when it comes out on PS3 I’ll definitely be on in the afternoons.


Add “SRK MvC2 FoF” this xbl silver account is used to find other players through the friends list. I just need more people on this thing.


“Weltall-” on PS3 when it comes out.



thanks for the adds!


rahimlee54 PSN or Xbox


Madara 1tachi 360 and the game is kinda laggy online and offline. msp is really hard to use with the lag and pausing of the game.


add me. randomly on especially during the evenings.