MvC2 Online tournament

Who would be interested? Cause I would!

How to even set it up…

Throw some ideas out guys

Maybe use paypal for entries??

A seperate online ranking ladder would be ideal imo. Like a ranking battle type thing. More people would enter something like that because dealing with entry fee and prizing online would be a hassle and can be shady.

The ones for blazblue they started on are what I am talking about. They move slow but are successful in every other area. Flexible so anyone can play.

Sounds like a good idea, except for people like me lol. If there was money on the line, I’d probably punch a hole through the wall because of some online bs that made me miss a combo.

here is one, im hoping that it will be a biweekly kind of online deal. once i start working away give out nice gift cards and stuff. the tournament is official, so dpending on the turnout is what might happen in future MvC2 online events

Online marvel for money is asking for serious problems.

Yeah…johns will happen whether they’re legitimate or not.

maybe wait to see if online gets less glitchy…with the supposed patch

I would definitely be interested except for having money on the line.

After all, I’ve only been playing this game for a week lol.

there’s gonna be a patch… HALLELLUJAH!!!1

Ooh where did you hear about this patch from?

Is this true? Or am I just the most gullible man alive?

i know im not cause an 360 patch wouldn’t matter to a dude who only has ps3… but i guess it would if bought one today. :smokin:

You’re definitely right about that. It would be safer to wait and see how the supposed patch fixes the game because online is too glitchy and no where near good enough for a tournament. Barely even regular casual play as it is. The patch hasn’t really been confirmed but I heard something about it coming out when the ps3 one releases. Don’t quote me on that because as of now it’s just a rumor as far as I know.

Maybe its just me then, because I havent really experienced any problems besides issues with finding a ranked match.

Some really fast supers online can be impossible to block when in those same situations offline you can block.

Ok this past Sunday I hosted the first MvC2 online tournament on and it went really well despite the low turnout. 20 people were expected but like i would say 14 showed up, then 6 left early before we started officially. Time is crucial in these online tournaments! anyways I plan on running more MvC2 biweeklies there, simply because youre not going to get good fighting random scrubs online. Here and there youll come across a MSP team that is actually pro level but either then that, youre wasting time.

Why not grind offline and online? so yeah if youre interested drop me or PM or hit up the site. By the end of the month I should have 2 online tournaments ready for Sept (school starts, damnit!) and there is also the Gamebattles Ladder, but im kind of iffy on that.

Interesting props to you for organizing this kind of stuff.

no money, and yes, do it. i know niggaz pride is real high when it comes to marvel, but get your ass online, and mash out random supers like everyone else. ha ha

lol. but we all know bottun mashing can only get you so far. thats shadedwolf! im just trying to make up for the like 10 years i missed out on MvC2. They were everywhere and I still couldnt get intot he competitive scene, just like a cabinet to waste time before the movies.

Biweekly series is coming up, ii should have the date ready in a few days.

im thinking the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month. Mostly for the 360 players