MvC2 Online, where is the community going?: Xbox vs Ps3


Hello, haven’t played marvel for years but will likely return for this. So where is everybody going to play?


I’m going with the PS3 side of the house. The way I see it, if you have to pay to play online with the 360 and the lag is just as bad, I might as well deal with the bullshit for free.



It’s probably going to be split. I really wish the community would be on one console, but seems like that won’t happen till we live in a PC dominated world, or a one console world, which won’t happen any time soon.


People will play on whatever system they want. I don’t see why it matters. I’m sure a big group of people will still play on DC. But when it comes tourney time (Evo, Final Round…etc), it will likely be ran on PS3.