MVC2 Players In Georgia

Hi I’m looking for the BEASTS in GA that play MVC2 to come out the cave and fight another BEAST. I live in Decatur, GA Lookin for a group to get into or matches that are an extreme challenge. Lately me and my friend have just been towering over people and we need some BEASTS that can hang with us. Please respond soon and please be Very well versed and a BEAST in the game. NEED COMPETITION!!!

I play MVC2 but mostly random low tiers. Usually I go with Silver Samurai, Colossus, Spiral or Guile, Charlie and Bison. Now if you’re looking for someone that plays top tier, hit up Launchpad_ATL on PSN.

He’s not local to you but after playing you Khaos I think you’d really love to play Lord Jas… his PSN name is Godlike_Rushdown

Seriously add him for some really good matches. I don’t know if I’ve ever beaten one of his main teams… maybe once lol.

I can BEAST with low tier. We can have some good matches. And ya I’ll look for em, I look forward to playin em thx for the info.

I know him already lol. Me and him have some great matches. We’re tied so far he managed to catch up with me before I took my vacation. Sneaky Bastard LMAO. Nah but GGS to him.

:cybot: Try here:

or here:

or both… dood!