Mvc2 players in indianapolis?

Im going up there next Friday and if anyone knows if there’s an arcade there lemme know.

should probably ask somewhere in this forum

thanks man :smiley:

There’s a tournament in Indianapolis tomorrow:

wrong forum,but im a south bend player hit me on pm if you wanna play on kaillera

i told you to post in the regional thread you n00b… go to the oglethorpe mall and work on your magneto.

There are several MvC2 players at Circle Centre Mall. Look for the Indianapolis thread on here and ask around.

Boomshakalaka - what games to you play on kaillera? I only play SF2 games on there but if that’s your style look for “immortal” even though I’m not on it much.

Heres some mvc2 comp

Wondering if any of you would be interested in a console tourny in St. Louis. I have a nice venue ready and now im just trying to get a show of heads so to speak. From stl alone we should have about 10 in each game, about 25 in tekken. Im thinking of holding the tourny in early december or january.
Right now
MvC2, 3s,GG, CvS2, ST, T5, PuzzleFighter

Shits gonna be hype, anyone down?

Think you can take the stl tekken crew? Roll your shit down here.

Ready to take on the feared NKI chun li in ST?

Ready to face the dominator rush down from AKS216 in CvS2?

Down to face the god like Aaron(AKA) in Guilty Gear?

if your interested post in the stl thread, after a week or two of gathering interest and hyping up ill post an absolute date. Please post in the stl thread if your interested, im trying to make this a big one.

I can also house, likely up to like 15-20. Ask anyone whos stayed with me(ex Mycha Leonhart comes to my mind from cleveland), the hospitality is that of a **** four star hotel. So no paying for room. Only expenses will be tourny entry, gas, and food that isnt breakfast(as long as you stay with me, we be eating good in the morning before the tourny.)