MVC2: please define

This thread is simply for the help of peolpe who wnat info on play but don’t understand what some terms being used are. I know when i started browsing srk(shoryuken for u newbies) that i had no idea what anything meant. So if you have any questions or answers just post them here.

I suppose I should start: WTF :confused: is suki canceling.


XX = cancel
sj = super jump
air dash = air dash. lol
d/f = the direction, in this case, down/forward
lp = light punch (jab)
lk = light kick (short)
hp = hard punch (fierce)
hk = hard kick ( roundhouse)
if they put like 1,2,1,2,3:
that’s like lp,lk,lp,lk,hp
well that’s the basics
i think:confused:

it can be meant as both, usually it’s meant as “on the ground”

What does “reset” mean?

A reset is an action that resets the combo counter and thus the damage scaling (hence the name). Most resets are done in one of two ways:

-with a throw

-with an attack that hits in a direction opposite of what you’d expect

For example, in the corner with Magneto, you can do launch, roundhouse, airdash d/f, short, forward, and then kick throw when you land. You can then follow up the throw with low short, low roundhouse, Hyper Grav, whatever. Or if you think they’re going to tech the throw, do low short+Psylocke, low forward, whatever. Or you can let them tech it then guard break them (you’re in normal jump mode when you tech a throw). Or you can do the throw early (launch, roundhouse, airdash d/f, kick throw while in the air). As you can see, Magneto is best able to take advantage of resets, since he has so many ways with which he can attack at any given time and both of his throws can be comboed out of.

AHVB- Air hyper viper beam (cable’s super in air)
TKAHVB- tiger knee hyper viper beam (TK means going from db,d,df,f,uf xx hyper viper beam.) same thing as AHVB, they both mean the same thing
HSF- hyper sentinel force (sentinels super (qcf+kk) )
suki cancel- canceling a block to a move, like if ur opponent is in front of u doing a super ex: abyss 1 doing that super beam and ur behind him, u block, super jump backward xx (any punch or kick) u wont see urself superjump cause ur cancelling the move, that’s suki cancel. I dont know if i explained it good. Try the search button and look for for suki cancel.
super jump cancel-attack after u super jump,really fast, really used a lot.
triangle jumping-magneto’s fast technique. If ppl say "rush dat shit down’ it means doing this over and over with hk, an example of superjump canceling. superjump (superjump with "df,uf" instead of “***d,u *** then ***“xx dash df+hk”***”)
i think that’s all i know.

justin case some of ya’s don’t know, a guard break occurs when an opponent’s character is in normal jump and blocks an attack you deliver. they now can no longer guard for that jump and are free to be punished (they still can perform other commands such as attack, air dash, etc.).

i’ve also heard alot of people ask about wavedashing. the command for this dash is PP+d/f.

Still lookin 4 answer to suki cancel :smiley:

Thanx for the info BUu_6!!!

2 Things:
On Joo vol.7 the first combo, how did they switch from 1 wolvie to another? was this just a crossover counter? if so, i still don’t understand how it was able to work.

How do you UNFLY, and what is it? If it’s what I think it is, then oh well still tell me so i can have a better description for this post.

THANX :slight_smile:

u can switch while blocking by doing a dragonpunch motion backwards and this while your blocking, when u do so, the assist type of the person ur switching into is what he’ll come out with

actually, its just quarter circle down…

Suki cancelling is worthless, don’t bother with it as it doesn’t effect gameplay and is impractical against anything but a training dummy.


Suki Cancel: The act of cancelling a normal into a superjump (Much like Launcher, or RH into AHVB) Only difference between suki cancel and a regular superjump cancel is that there is something to block on the screen. Thus you cancel you superjump into block since blocking has more command priority then jump.
For example, if Sentinel drones are coming towards you, and you attempt to jump BACK, you will go into standing block for a second before you jump, this is why many people get caught with low shorts. The only things that cancel blocking is a ground attack, thus you begin the cycle… get it?

Ok I’ll draw it out:
Launch cancels into jump,
Jump is negated by blocking,
Blocking is cancelled into launcher.

If you dont have Abyss to practice on, go to the arcade and do the guile glitch where his blades are still on the screen. It leaves something there permanent to block.

And yes, this is very PRACTICAL in a real game because you can save your self from many attacks for times that you decide to attack their assist, and they super you, you can suki cancel your attack into block.

Sukicancelling is cancelling an attack into an sj, into block, then attacking again to create a combo otherwise unattainable. For this purpose, it is worthless in real play. Cancelling a launcher on an assist for example, to block say an HSF has been common practice for a while now, and IS practical…I suppose you could call that suki-cancelling as well.

Is it possible to wavedash in the middle of a combo and keep the link?

And what are some Character abbreviations?
I know IM: Iron Man
WM: War Machine
Mags: Magneto
OM: Omega Red
Doom: (duh) Dr. Doom
wut r d utters?

No. You can only perform one action during a normal jump along with calling an assist, but you cannot block and attack the in the same jump.

Unless of course your are canceling, like canceling Cable’s jump fierce to a AHVB. Or guard canceling teleport/airdash/counter AHVB etc.

capcom = capt. commando
Ahvb=air hyper viper beam
runaway bitch=cable… nah im just kiddin…
tron=tron bonne
s/d=strider /doom
ss=silver samurai
there are others for team names but im too lazy to put them all… i dont think u can wave dash during a combo, not sure though, u can air dash in a combo though

THANX FOR PUTTING SUKI CANCEL! GENGHIS! :slight_smile: :frowning:

Sorry, smashfighter. I must have been intoxicated or somthin (mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…Jose Cuervo + Rum + Vodka + ME = floor). I know it’s single commands. Except, I think, for Psy’s butterflys HC. Can’t you do an assist while falling?