MvC2 Possibly Coming to 360 & PS3


I really hope that’s the case! Keep your fingers crossed that they’ll throw in online play as well!


not sure what to think or say about this one…well, there were some funny comments on that page tho

“online play will be bad…everyone will spam character switch button”



Ugh, sorry man you know what, I just realized how dated that article actually is so apparently it’s been circulating for awhile now. My bad.

Here’s to hoping though. If it does come and if it does have online, hopefully it won’t be nearly as bad as the stuff HD Remix’s online was plagued with.


There’s an icon for it on Parternet, which all but confirms that this is true (unless you think the pics are photoshopped or something)

There’s also other weird coindiences, like how someone who sent the ESRB an e-mail asking about the game got an answered worded in future tense that mentioned that they can’t reveal details about games that haven’t released yet, and how the evo2k9 website lists the console for MvC2 as “TBA”…


This is a dream come true because where I live we have no arcade and my freinds get tired of playing against me.