MVC2 poster request

hey guys I’m trying to do a project and I was wondering if anyone can make me and some msp artwork using sprites that’s 18x24 im sorry I don’t have any images to post up but I’m lookin for some but my idea was maybe something with magneto doin like an em disruptor and storm doin her hail attack and psylocke with her taunt or winning pose, I would really appreciate the godlike person who would be kind enought to do this for me thanks

Is that 18 x 24 pixels/inches/feet?

18x24 inches and can I have it at at least 300dpi please and thank you

Sprites at that enormous size are going to look horrible. Barely recognizable, if that. I’d be up for this if my computer would be able to handle a canvas of that size.

if sprites would look horrible then you guys can just surprise me, also can you guys have it say Romfinite, thanks guys I really appreciate it

any takers?

Yea sprites would look horrid at that size and resolution dude, trust me Ive been there and done that.

alright, no sprites needed, just an msp poster

Here is a draft of something that I did. A new spin on an old idea.


that’s gdlk!