MvC2: Proper way to tech out of a throw

Dunno if this is the right forum, but I was wondering if there was a ‘best’ way to tech out of a throw… I know that to tech a throw, it’s basically just a reverse throw at the same time as when you’re getting thrown, but is there a better way to do it? Can you for example, just hold back and start mashing punches?

Also, I was wondering what the window of opportunity is on the teching of the throw.

yeah. first u should anticipate the thron. so maybe u can throw them instead. but wat i do is i just hold forward and a throw button if i get thrown. usually u get out. but that’s my scrub tactics. u can also press a direction and a rh or fierce at the end i think. i’m not sure but i saw someone do this before

i think i said that wrong. hold the toward direction and mash the throw button. if u know they’re gonna throw then do the same thing. but be very sure. because if not u can get killed. people usually throw in the corner cause they can reset the combo meter (ie magneto) that when i sue this scrubbish strat

hold forward and mash the fuckin shit out of fierce, or roundhouse. or just mash all buttons.

i usually hold away or toward and time my fierce press to right when they try to throw then mash after that. one thing to note, you can screw up slightly on the down side but DO NOT hit up when trying to tech a throw it will not let you tech it if you hit any of the up directions ( UB,U,UF).

What I do is press forward and alternate pressing FP and RH.

i usually tech hit after the throw… which is right when you hit the ground after the throw, hold back and push rh and fp.

What I do is when getting thrown, is wiggle the joy stick back and forth real fast (sorta like shaking from tempest) and mash on fp or fk, like %10 of the time I won’t get the tech.

Well after beating XvSf they say that to tech hit is ’ foward + med punch’ but now that MvC2 changed its button I just hold foward + push the LP and HP since there is no MP.

Justin Wong can tech throw for free. the thing is, i saw this video, he tech throwed and pulled out an assist at the same time! HOW IS THAT DONE?

U tech hit by pressing a direction i doubt it matters which and any button there isnt a specific button to press but i doubt u can tech by pressing a partner button but i havent tried it.But the best way to tech in my opinion when u know ur gonna get thrown just mash the buttons and wiggle the joystick at the sametime u have a very high chance of getting out.

Yea next thing you know it you tech-hit out already and your still mashing. Next thing you’ll do is a tripe-super… that always happens to me.:sweat:lol

Yea there is, press lk or lp twice it turns into a medium

:fury: Darn you for correcting me:bluu:

Anyways what are the buttons for tech-hiting out of a super such as Dalsim’s grab.

Thats true, but only in a chain, hence there is no mp when tech throwing.


True that

man there usto be a very good thread b4 SRK died about thowing and tech hitting. like when to thow diferent ways to thow and windows on both tech hit opertunities.

anyways the easyst but less efective tech hit is the ground one with you push a direction (except up)+ hp or hk right b4 you hit the ground (kinda the same as CvS2’s quick get up (the 2 punch with A and N groove)
the reson this one aint as good becouse you still get damaged BUT this one might be better for other resons

the other is tech hitting right when they grab you witch is performed (IIRC) is any direction (except up) + the HP or HK about 1/2 sec. after they grab you but i may be wrong on this
anyways this one you DONT get damaged BUT the bad thing is by doing this (especially after AC’s) it puts you into normal jump witch means if your fighting cable get ready to get gaurd broken and eat multiple AHVB and many other char. like storm,mag,sent,IM can do sum major damage like infinits,big damage combos and other costly shit. BUT you can benifit from it too cuz you can call assist and combo you oponent too so it all depends.

anyways peace out

I actually practiced this the other day. It’s all in the timing. All I would do is hold back and when I was grabbed i hit hp. I noticed for different throws there are diff windows but most are easy to do now. mostly you have to anticipate the throw. I know some one who can tech about 90% of the time during real matches wich is sickening too me but he cant mash hyper grav combos.

You can actually tech-hit with any attack button. Hence, tech with jabs and shorts. It’s safer.

And since you’re in normal jump state when you tech hit, you can naturally call assists.

yeah justin wong was able to send out a helper beacuase theching a throw puts u in normal jump mode. which means that u are now able to send out a helper or get guard broke. (hahahahahha:D )