MvC2 Pros - Examples of Assist usage if you please


The concept of assists is a bit of an alien concept to those with sole experience of 1v1 fighters I reckon. What would be really helpful is if the more experienced players could give examples of how they personally use assists with various characters and what the desired affect is. Please be descriptive on the intent/spacing/situations etc and why that assist works well combined with whatever character.

Us beginner scrubs can atleast then try out some of these more effective combinations and start to get a feel on how to effectively add them into our game/piece together our own uses/teams



That’s too big of a question lol. But here are some examples…

Commando AA - (Captain Corridor) -

  1. Use it as an anti-air vs. rushdown
  2. Use it to catch run away ppl trying to stay in the air/runaway
  3. Use it combos for big damage - storm launcher+ commando xx hailstorm

Psy AA

  1. Use it as anti-rushdown,
  2. Combo with magneto to start infinite/combo - +psy,
  3. Combo with mags into hypergrab-less tempest
  4. Start ironman infinite


Can you elaborate a bit on these?


dash in with mags and do,

If it hits, great you get an opportunity to go into ROM infinite, or launch into air combo, or OTG into various magneto combo of choice. If you are lucky and you caught your opponent calling in his assist as well, you can snapback and kill the assist.

If it’s blocked, no biggie, magneto recovers in time to not get punished and you can continue the rushdown to protect psy from taking damage.

hypergrab-less tempest: launch with mags, xx airdash df,,, land,, j.hp xx tempest. This is important because ppl can normally mash out of hypergrab so this combo will give you guaranteed tempest.


Ok so here’s some basic early level strats with assist – use them to cross up. Like for a simple example – Jill/Tronne combo. Use Tronne’s projectile (which glitches for big damage) – and on match start, go for a jumping cross up and call out Tronne right before you jump across and you may get a cross up where you hit them on one side with Jill, otherside with Tronne, Tronne will run out and be pulled back and then you can take the character into the air with an air combo for 50% plus damage. Now obviously good players are looking for cross up assist setups, but it’s still useful to work on, especially with really fast characters who can crossup easily. I know Mags/Tronne can be nasty etc.

I’m by no means a high-level player but have played for the entire time the game has been out – just break yourself from robotically calling out assists, especially anti-air ones – cause you’ll call them out too far from the opponent and get destroyed. Be especially careful of Cable – you need to cover your ass and your assists’ when you call them out, cause Cable can take them both out with AHVB… same holds true where a good player will snap out your main and kill you assist. Be really careful and call them out appropriately and protect them and you’ll be fine…


Jason, I’ll play around with those.

ssb, I find I want to bring out Psy AAA alot when I’m playing say Doom or IM because I don’t have that snappy AA to stop people jumping in on me(Ryu player can you guess!)

I find crossups really hard in Marvel, dunno if it’s just the odd sprites or the speed or what, everything seems a bit ambiguous compared to SF jump-ins.


Plain vanilla cross-ups are pretty difficult in this game for a lot of characters, especially those that used to cross-up at will with their mediums. Most characters don’t have great normal jump cross-up options, but a couple that do are Spider-man and Wolverine off the top of my head. Also, certain characters are just easier to cross up-- Sent for example. Other characters are hard to cross up, like Commando.

Most of the cross-ups you will see take advantage of super-jump state. For ex, when Mag super-jumps and cancels the upward momentum with an air-dash forward or down-forward, the super-jump state will cause him to turn around midair before landing. If you try the same thing with a normal jump to start, you’ll notice that Mag doesn’t turn around in mid-air.

For the most part, if your character doesn’t have an air dash, you’ll want to use a decent projectile or similar assist like Storm horizontal Typhoon, or Doom Rocks, or Sent Drones to cause enough stun to let you go for a cross-up.

As for assists, the biggest thing to learn, and definitely the hardest to teach is the idea of momentum and rhythm as it applies to assists. Timing isn’t so much the right word, but pacing fits perfectly. During the course of the match you can’t just spam a particular assist-- good players are going to punish that at the first opportunity-- you have to use assists situationally. In a lot of cases, assist use boils down to one player gaining the upper hand with a good counter-call or simply a well-placed assist, followed by a series or rush attacks, where the defending player must weather the storm and turn the tables with a counter-call of his own or some sort of escape tactic that resets the balance.

Each assist works different ways for different characters. CapCom AA is primarily a defensive measure for Storm, but with Sentinel it takes on an offensive dimension. Psylocke is the basis of Magneto and Storm’s rushdown, but sometimes you just have to mash on it to use Psy to trade with certain things. By and large, the logic behind assist choice is either A.] based on making up for a weakness in the point character and/or B.] selected in order to help take advantage of the point character’s staple offense.


Pretty broad question as others have suggested… but… if you really want to get better with assists across the board… its really all about learning to use them just like another attack you point will do. Only tricky thing is learning how long after the assist is called until it hits… once you have that down for your particular assist… you wont need a ton of specifics… and assist combos with that char will just sorta start coming to you in training mode.

psyloche or perhaps tron are the easiest to learn because their assists come out immediately and combo with just about anything… practice with them… then move up to cyke AA, Doom AA… and at that point… you’ll be ready to combo assists like mad.


I always end up spamming Psy assist to get her to start my Ironman. Kills me alot.


mash your AAA or tron = win. no lie. That’s what I do.