MvC2 PS2 Question

Yeah, I know theres alot of topics kinda like this but I didn’t see exactly what I was looking for.

Most people around me play on the PS2 version so I just wanted to know if what they left in.

1.) Can you cancel into other moves. (like Storm lighting attack to lighting storm) :wgrin:

2.) Is there any infinites or semi infinites left? Specically Magneto, Storm (on Sent), IM… anyone else?

yeah man, the game is the same, without SOME glitches, the jugg glitch is still there, which like the only usefull one.

the only big difference is that when you Alpha-Counter, the character leaving the screen can still be hit.

wrong, me, viscant, skisonic and others have all had that “glitch” happen on the arcade and the DC port.

The point char getting hit to during a alpha counter randomly (and rarely) isn’t just a PS2 port issue, it happens on arcade and DC as well.

The only thing messed on the PS2 is the ice stage, which can easily just be avoided.

Other than that the PS2 version has everything, ROM, sent unblockable, and gouki is right, the only real “glitch” they left in was the only one anyone rarely used (juggs power up).

Whats sad is it really is an ok port, of course the DC version sounds and looks better (The DC hardware was almost itself the same as the Namoi arcade board it ran on) but the PS2 isn’t bad at all. Whats sad is when Joey says no more glitchy DC’s at evo, hardheaded people will say “Fine no marvel then” because they think the PS2 port is bad from stupid rumors from scrubs that got spread around.

EDIT: I have the PS2 and the DC port and A/B’ed them the second I got them together.