MVC2 PS2 Save on PS3

hey, i had this game a long time ago and lost my memory card. I dont feel like sturggling though all the players to get all of them. Can some one post a copy of the game save? I dont have a Code breaker so the that section is useless to me. I need the actual memory save.

i’ve found you can copy PS2 data from your PS3 to a memory stick or USB card.

(get that? PS2 data in a ps3…then transfer it to a USB or memory stick)

can some one help me?

or email

thanks a bunch if you guys can. I’ll let you beat me in the arcade if that makes you feel better.

Download the save file with everything unlocked here:

then get a tool named “Ps2 Save Builder 0.8x” which will convert the odd cheat-hardware format you’ll get from the GameFAQs site to a conventional PS2 save file.