Mvc2 Ps3 & X360 Discussion

What do you think about the X360 and Ps3 version when it comes out? Tell me your thoughts on your experience! Any new glitches, new combos, how is online play etc…

I think its a little early for this thread, considering it hasn’t even come out on PS3 yet, so we don’t know if its better, worse, etc.

That said, I’m going to bet it would be PS3, considering how many other games are played with PS3s for tournaments. Or it could just stay on the Dreamcast I suppose, although eventually those will stop working and be irreplaceable. At least I’d think so…

I kinda figured the same thing but I want to get everyones feedback on the 360 version. I dont have it and I want to know how it plays or worth buying or waiting for the ps3 version.

So read the general thread? There are a ton of impressions there. :looney:

How do you think the ps3 version will play?

Best to just wait for it to come out. I’ll see which one’s better before buying.

When is the for sure date it will drop?

close thread. answers in other threads


because there is a sticky about glitches that serves a better purpose then posting it in here, since they are officially looking at that thread also for any updates they need to patch soon.

because there is no need to discuss new combos on a ten year old game. most of what can be done can be found here on the forums, by watching videos, or through other webistes also.

because the ps3 version is not out yet, and there isnt anything to compare it too. so if anything this thread is premature at the very LEAST.

because there is a HUGE thread transferred over from fgd that has been here since mvc2’s release on xbox and is filled with tons of suggestions and opinion of the online experience. come on now little guy. how dont you get it. lol

How about you keep your ass out of this thread! I think that will work. Stop hating. When I posted a thread like this in the fighting game discussion. NOBODY was hating. GTFO with that ish. :lame: Let real people post. If anything else had to be said frm you. PM ME!

nah, ill post it here, because you think you deserve answers for questions already answered throughout the forum. if you think thats how it works around here, you are sadly mistaken, and maybe a few new members will try to add to this stupid thread, but everyone else will direct you like i did, and or just ignore it like i will from this point forward. so you can be butt hurt, but its the truth. everything you need to know is else where. you mad

Whatever PelvicThrust, the ps3 has a demo, and I can already tell that the 360 is better. It’s just clear once you use a real d-pad on the x-box that with live it will be better!

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To give a response relevant to the topic:

I say PS3 assuming there isn’t anything totally broken about that version. Main reason is console reliability (DCs are getting old, and have that classic blue-screen issue, and wouldn’t you love to have a 360 RRoD in the middle of finals?) and it’s compatibility with a wide variety of controllers and sticks thanks to the myriad of PS2-PS3 adapters and such available and the relative ease of dual modding a 360 stick thanks to the Cthulhu board.

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I do agree. I think that the 360 version isnt 100% completed yet so whatever glitches they have in the 360 version. Can be fixed before the playstation 3 launch and later patched. I just wish madcatz will make a stick for marvel but I heard it was just a rumor. :frowning:

hmmm, perhaps I should be scared of saying something to you b/c of that little Karate guy you put there.


Its time! 2 more days until the ps3 version comes out. I hope they fix those damn glitches in the 360 version.