MvC2 PSN bugs/glitches/general annoyances

report what you find gents.

what i got so far.

  • I will do 2 hit combo like short short xx snapback or super, and it magically doesnt combo.
    Happened while I was Mag trying to do a snapback… happened to cable when i tried an ahvb combo.

  • AHVB is broken in this game, as has been widely reported, if you arent blocking already, you eating it.

  • Game freezes a lot. Esp when i try to find a match in player

  • Dunno if its my execution/lag etc… but ive never had so much trouble with infinite combos before.

-This one is minor, but why is the default button layout funky as hell? i plugged in a TE thinking i was all good and had assist two for assist one and some other shit going on.

really dont understand how backbone fucked up so bad. seeing as how i would have thought they would have learned their lesson with HDR. Unless there is some patch in the works, i really cant see the players making this ver the new standard, and i def dont see this working out at evo.

Something is wrong with rom. Even in arcade mode I can’t do it consistently.

Can’t exit friendly games unless you exit during the game.

Can switch chars before match

this is based off dreamcast build. in dc you couldnt switch chars in online mode

yeah the ROM infinite is pretty glitchy in this game. I get goofy shit like AD d, d+lk, No medium kick? Happens mostly when they’re further away, up close it’s still consistent.

I haven’t missed enough times to say for sure, but IM’s sj lp, AD lp up+hp, and magneto’s sj lk hk ad d/f lk guard breaks were much easier on the DC/arcade version. It seems to push them a bit far in this version.

Shit doesn’t combo like it used to. Now dash cr lk into launcher is blockable…wtf?

fuckin ahvb is retarded.

i jumped forward blocking and ate the ahvb

my assist got hit by the first ahvb, and i was blocking with my point character, strider. i tried to sj out before the second ahvb comes out. not only did strider fail to super jump, he ate the second ahvb. fuckin bullshit.

LOL I noticed that bullshit too. I was dashing with Sentinel and I didn’t press anything AT ALL, and then I still ate the AHVB. I thought it was just somehow input drop but I remember being able to block that shit back then (from dash animation and no buttons pressed).

i seriously got hit by a few unblockables. as in i was holding back for like 2 seconds then magically ate somethin that shouldn’t land.

teleporting is just ridiculous

game freezes when searching

game freezes while in lobby. just the game, not ps3. couldn’t leave or start a match

timing is ALL SORTS OF FUCKED UP. i TOO get two LK’s on the way down during my rom. you just gotta do it fast, but timing is definitely different.

you gotta block hella early

I think you should be able to see somebodies ping when they enter your lobby

i swear the game is missing frames too.

blah i could go on and on

sent combos just don’t work like it used to

I cant do lk, lp, fly lk,rh rp. it just wont combo.

I was like this for awhile online, just seems you gotta do it pretty early. Eventually got it down though.

i do it at the fastest time, nothing

oh and cyke can’t beat doom assist like before

and I tried to coounter and i couldn’t counter AT ALL.

is it just me or is the storm/sent dhc much trickier to time online?

Most of the mag stuff and cable ahvb unblockable is the same as the 360 version. It does seem harder to do the ROM on ps3 than xbox. Both versions i can combo the ROM with 2 lks on the way down instead of lk mk.

I think cable’s super is random unblockable because I was flying with sent and blocked after the super flash. I have sj’d forward many times and couldn’t block ahvb so go figure =/

Storm’s lightning attack will go over some ducking characters sometimes for no reason. At first I thought it was lag or I saw it incorrectly but now it has happened to me 3 times: twice against storm and once against IM.

Another annoying think is sometime the game speed is crazy fast. Its like on turbo 1.5 mode or something. You can tell because sent will fly fast or mag/storm can air dash and it looks like they are teleporting. Maybe its just the lag but it seems the entire time the game is sped up.

Sometimes your character will change to orange until I think you either get hit or super? if you get hit by certain explosive type attacks. Ex: jins hp? the one where he kinda dashes forward or I have done it with bb hood’s missiles.

its the lag, I noticed that too.

lol @ the fact that I can’t hit short, jab, rocket punch.

Sigh, Freeze.

Player match, freeze.

Search for match, freeze.

Make a match, freeze.

Start the game, freeze.

Can I get a WORKING GAME backbone?

Damn. I wished this was going to be perfect.

Backbone release some patch for SFHDR, right? Hope they fix this game.

backbone released a patch for hdr. The connection is still ass though after certain amount of matches. And yes they should release a patch soon for both games.

I can’t even play online. Shit freezes at refreshing or finding players.

I was wondering if anyone had any problem running the game? I was kinda surprised to read that many people have been able do run the game and play online matches…

I purchased the game last night, and got the 6kb key and link to d/l the demo. I already owned the demo so I went ahead and install the key. I tried to log into the game, but it’s still giving me options for the demo only.

I called playstation’s tech support and was advised that the game was available for sale Thursday, but can’t be played until Friday (???).

For those of you that managed to play the full version… do you mind telling me how to do it?


(sorry if this is not the right thread… I figure I just post here than creating new thread)