MvC2 PSN bugs/glitches/general annoyances

redownload the demo that is provided in the options.

My dashing is all sorts of fucked up. Magneto goes in,,, call psy, they get hit…I inpute the command for dash and…

Magneto just stands there like a putz. This has happened to me like 20 times. The timing just seems weird online. I can do it all day on the PS3 training mode.

My Dreamcast will live on because of this.

Try changing your input lag to low in the options.

Everything works fine for me save for the friendly search match. Quick match and everything else works 100% I think most of you are forgetting though that MvC2 wasnt meant to really be played online from people far away because some stuff just isn’t blockable.

Just like Cables AHVB, in arcade made I could block it from a jumping or dashing frame but what with latency here I’m sure it’s just not going to be possible.


Hmmm. I have it set to that. I know it has to do with the (albeit small) lag. There is just a hiccup at that point that I need to adjust to or else Mag is a sitting duck.

Thanks for the info, sait0u.

I’m no MvC2 pro, so what’s the opinion on offline play? Is that fine at least?

One of the XBL MvC2 players gave a really good workaround for stopping the lobbies from crashing when someone leaves: when you’re the host in the lobby, wait until someone joins and after they join go to the exit lobby screen but don’t exit. If they start the game it goes to the select screen like normal but if they quit the lobby you’ll be able to see the “player has exited the lobby” message in the background. You can then just exit the lobby with no crash.

Also, lots of combos don’t work online. Basically, anything with short, short xx assist has been really inconsistent for me. AHVB is unblockable thanks to the lag in the online mode, even with the low lag setting. I’m guessing that 1 frame skip they are doing is what’s causing it.

I find that,, assist works fine for me with Mag. However, I do see what people are talking about when you get combos that sound not work


Anyone feel any input lag in the game? My friend swears there is some. He can pull off Iron Man combos with ease in the original demo. But he says the timing is off in the full game.

Are you talking online or off? I assume offine. I find really no input lag when I am in training mode (For the record, I play on a 40 inch plasma, but I don’t find any TV lag. It’s the same Panasonic I use for my Dreamcast and that works PERFECTLY on that).

Any trouble that I have with my combos I chalk up to my unmodded HRAP3. I am used to my modded Sanwa Agetec on my DC, so getting used to theses buttons is a freaking whore of a bad time.

Short Answer: No. I see on offline input lag with my set-up. Any problems I am having are probably coming from my stick.

Are these glitches and such online-only? Just wondering cause we’ll be running an MvC2 tourney here soon and were going to use the PS3 version, but if there’s too much shit that players will complain about, it’d probably be better to just use the DC.

for now i would def say stick to dc for serious stuff like torunaments. as of right now, psn marvel is just okay for online play, and that isnt saying alot

I am about to have a tournament around the corner here too. And the ps3/360 version are the ONLY choice. If they arent fixed by my tournament, no mvc2 ;(

I too, am having timing trouble, the L&R buttons on the dualshock are just a bit off from the ps2 controller. my biggest trouble is the lack of being able to put PP or KK onto the R 1&2. i’ve lived with PP and KK on the R buttons for as long as i’ve played this game. and now they remove the feature? it is HELLA hard to cross my thumbs all over trying to hit more than one button SIMULTANEOUSLY for supers on the dualshock, let alone any other hand-held controller. now MASSIVE advantage has gone to anyone w/an arcade stick, where before i could hold my own.

getting in and out of gamerooms is a bitch too. i’ll agree w/that. a player search would be helpful also, to get to friendlies.

my system only freezes when i try to do a search for “ANY” size gameroom, if i search for 2,3,4 players, it seems to work easier. which is fine, cuz i’m not sure i’d like to sit watching 5 or more players rotate thru games for my turn.

i’d really love to complain more about lagtime and how it’s so hard to get inputs to fire at the right time, cuz i know for sure there is something fishy going on a lotta times, BUT the guys whupping me don’t seem to have a lotta trouble doing big combos so how much is the issue me, and how much the lag??

It’s all offline. Its not the TV since he was having no problems with the original demo. He uses a PS2 stick with a converter.

Can anyone tell me how to get my copy to work without freezing my PS3?


Wait till they patch this POS! No lie this is pretty ass for a game that has as much hpe as it does…and im going to concur with everyone that the timing is def off in this version along with AHVB raping me everytime like i was in jail…:lame:

I had a freeze in mid game, doing arcade mode.

i can’t roll, i can’t counter EVEN if i mash it. cable turned cotton candy blue until i hit him again with storm.

i think i recall ducking under lightning attacks too. which makes it a good cross up for her if she called drones.

the game is incredibly fast at times. me and CRIZZLE were talking about this in person. thats just not fair for crizzle to have a speed up lol

I’ve been Disconnected during a game, (no ragequit)

basically there are a bajillion bugs