MvC2 PSN Release Date...delayed again

There you have it folks. Another delay, but at least a final release date. PS3 owners get boned again. :arazz:

I doubt it, there gonna find another reason to delay it. I’ve been itching to play Mvsc2. The delays is making me change my mind.

Ok, seriously, that statement makes no sense. If you want to play the game, how will waiting two more weeks change that desire? Or are you changing your mind on another, unspoken, topic?

Sure it sucks that PS3 owners are getting shafted again, but I for one will still be getting MvC2 when it’s finally released on PSN.

What I really want to know is, how close to a final build will we see Capcom displaying at EVO and then at Comic-Con the week after? I’d like to know that the delay is at least to polish the game up or to make the netcode bulletproof…

its only fourteen days after. if you reeeeeeeeeeeeally are that into mvc2, youd be playing it on your dreamcast already.

Delayed? Game is 10 years old…


Crying about a two week delay? Grow up.

:rofl: Yeah but now it’s 10 years AND 2 weeks …

Next time use the MvC2 thread:

:wonder: In before lock… dood.