MvC2 - PSN/Xbox Official Release


 Marvel Vs Capcom 2 is coming out for the PSN and XBL... 

Here is the preview trailer:

More info is on here:

This is something I’m personally looking forward to… I also read somewhere that the music will be changed or remixed. -B

Awesome… Any release dates yet?

No actual release date yet but you can grab a demo if you’re on PSN.

“On April 27th, 2009, Marvel and Capcom jointly announced that the game would be coming to the Xbox 360 through Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation 3 through the PlayStation Store, with online multiplayer and a release date of “Summer 2009”. A demo was released on April 30th exclusively for the PlayStation Network. The Xbox Live Arcade and PSN version will be developed by Foundation 9, better known as Backbone Entertainment, based on the Dreamcast version. Capcom have stated they are unable to release the game on Wii due to licensing restrictions (they can only release it as a downloadable title) and WiiWare’s filesize restrictions.”