MvC2 Random Team Generator Replacement

It came to my attention recently that the MvC2 random team generator (featured in several articles including this Event Hubs article) has been taken offline. People speculate that this may be because it was getting more hits than the website that was hosting it got for its target content.

Does it matter? Not any more!

Say hello to the Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Random Team Generator 2.1!!!

This new random team generator has many features including
[]Individual Character Bans!
]Tier Ban presets!
[]Company Ban presets! (Want to play all Marvel characters? Now you can!)
]Random assist choices!
[]Individual Assist Bans!
]Variety Mode Beta! (Want the fun of randoms with out repeated characters all the time? Now you can!)

Variety Mode - With Variety Mode turned on the most recent 20 characters that have been selected using the script will be banned from generation behind the scenes. What does this mean for you? Well Variety Mode is not true random, but it instead ensures a greater variety of characters in a short amount of time. This is because with true randomization there is the possibility of getting back the exact same team three times in a row. We may change the way Variety Mode works in the future. Feedback would be most appreciated. A warning: Variety Mode may not be used with less than 23 characters available and will most likely be detrimental to character selection with less than 30 characters available.

New features may be added in the future!

Initial coding performed by me (“Radical” Edward “101” Modecki-Mellett). Modifications by Jonathan “Hitstun” Landis.

Interested in hosting a copy of Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Random Team Generator on your website? Contact me or Hitstun via PM for more info.

If you have any bugs or suggestions for the generator, post them in this thread. So far we want to try to make the interface look better and add a button to ban top assists like Commando anti-air and T. Bonne projectile.

We’d like to add some graphics too, but my current hosting probably can’t handle the bandwidth. If anyone would like to provide hosting for the generator, contact me and we can start sending you the updated versions.

Good Job, Random is my fav way to play.

If only there was an in game one of these, you guys rock! Thank you for taking the time to create and share!

Thanks, I was bummed that the original died, found some fun teams that way.

Did you ever know that you’re my hero?

Pretty sweet! I tip my hat to both of you…


Hey this is awesome! Can I make a few suggestions?

If possible, taking the time to implement a few assist stipulations would be awesome.

For example an option for ‘include at least one Anti Air Assist’ or ‘projectile’ etc.

I’m sure I’llthink of a few things to add later.

Great job.

Hey this is awesome! Can I make a few suggestions?

If possible, taking the time to implement a few assist stipulations would be awesome.

For example an option for ‘include at least one Anti Air Assist’ or ‘projectile’ etc.

Ruby is probably A tier, Mega too , but no biggie, its all opinion based =]

I’m sure I’llthink of a few things to add later.

Great job.

Thanks! Suggestions are always welcome! Assist stipulations such as the ones suggested could be implemented but would require more work than simply removing specific assists from the list (the way the ban presets work now). We’ll look into it.

Our next project is to add a counter next to each character to show how many times they’ve been randomly selected.

As for the tiers, we used the Event Hubs Tier List to determine who to place where. Tier struts on that list are divided by color. We won’t be changing the tier presets unless something spectacular happens and some low tier character starts being used in a new and crazy way (highly unlikely given the age of the game).

I’m considering creating a “variety” option that keeps a list of the last 20 or so characters selected in a buffer and prevents them from being selected.

I was the one who originally posted the random team generator. I secretly uploaded it to my friend’s site and I think he realized that and deleted it. lol

I can re-upload it again if anyone wants but since there’s already a replacement, I don’t think there’s a need.

Ah thank you for many hours of fun! I’m sorry to have replaced your creation without talking to you first! I made the assumption that, since the site was down, you had probably moved on. Many apologies. I will see to it that a line is added to the site in your honor. PM me your full name if you would like me to use it. Otherwise I’ll just use BujaX.

If you are willing I would love to look over your code to see what can be used for the new version. Let me know!

ed i dont know if i had the opportunity to thank you weds at my house for this it was much needed and this is even better then the original also thanks you hitstun you put in your work aswell if you guys are going ot be around friday were going to put this to work again.

I watched some of the stream from Friday and I have no idea why Brent’s computer will tend to pick the same character 5 times in one night. I think of a couple more features we can maybe add to version 3:

  • Each character would be given four 1-to-10 ratings, one for fighting effectiveness and one for the usefulness of each assist type
  • Option to automatically rearrange a team’s members so the best fighter is selected first and the best assist is selected last
  • Option to automatically reject below-average teams
  • Option to generate two teams at once
  • Option to automatically distribute six random characters into two somewhat fair teams

Is this something you would use? Discuss.

If the random is implemented properly, which it looks like it is, then the same character getting picked 5 times in a night is just a coincidence. I wouldn’t worry about that.

The other ideas you have are all good. More options the better.

Eventually a cleaner layout would be nice.

Yeah, my friend and I watched the Stream from Columbus last night, and it pretty much inspired us to do this ourselves. It’s kinda hard to get people to play MvC2 around here, but I think this is the perfect way to do it. Thanks a ton!

Nice, thanks for this! though some of the tiers seem off at first glance, I’ve been wanting a replacement.

Blackheart is definitely in top tier

anakaris is really not A tier. megaman should definitely be there before him. then if anak still ends up there, characters who do really well against him and other bums (rogue, guile, RUBI HA-TO, omega red, bbhood) should definitely be in there then. I don’t know where in the world eventhubs got their tierings from.

Also, my first team choice in this generator was magneto/ironman/megaman LOLOLOL. gadlike!

again, thanks much!

tier list is straight from event hubs beats if i had my way mega man and iron man would be in god tier :slight_smile:

I know where it’s from…but it’s definitely off. eventhubs isn’t right on everything (as we can see)

blackheart and megaman placings being the most glaring. and then other characters we’ve been seeing own for a long time (rogue, bbhood, omega, megaman) not being in A too (or above anak at least).

I mean, he’s like probably one of the last of the top tier that shoulda been mistakenly put in A.

no biggie though

meh… I think when most people start tier listing they theory craft a lot instead of going by the number of wins a character gets. Just b/c some have more options than others… doesn’t mean they will win a large majority of matches in all cases. when looking at em… always gotta ask yourself if it looks like a list of the characters that are better in theory or if they if its a list of those that will win more.

What would be really interesting is if you ran a database that would track the results of each match… that people could enter as they get their next team. Tracking in this way could CREATE the tier list over time… as the system simply figured out which toons win the most period. it could also give good matchup data over time… i suck with statistics… but they are useful.