MvC2 Release date!

too lazy to read? june 29!

Hope no one beat me to the post.

on my birthday…

I dig it:tup:

its already been posted

Though remember…HDR was delayed for an entire year…

Hopefully Capcom is on target.

But with a demo already out, I doubt that it would get delayed more than a month.

When you consider that the devs are using the same network code that they used for SFHDR and the art is not being redrawn, there’s no reason to delay MvC2.

Wasn’t SFHDR delayed due to some internal politics?

edit: nevermind it is the HD-Remix Netcode, still not a bad thing though.

A day before blazeblue and then kof xii a week after blazeblue. my 150 dollars is already on standby. This is the fighting game comeback ive been waiting for.

only prob with that date is neither PsN/Xbox Live update on Mondays(unless they decide its super special) so prolly expect it sometime that week…assuming Capcom is on they job…

Good thing I’m a graduating senior huh, I’ll have all the money I need for all this haha.

Gonna be a tough sell for me with BB being the day after. I’ll just be too hype for BB…:wgrin:

June 29…wow. Nine years to the day that the U.S DC version came out. I remember it like it was almost yesterday.

Holy shit! Has it been that long!! I am getting old man!

wow…im better start practicing at the arcade to get prepared for all the iron man/warmachne,storm,cable,fagneto’s im gunna have to play. i use Dr.Doom, venom,gambit and i want to learn strider.

2 Days before my birthday.


Comes out 4 days after my birthday…LOL

I hope they ninja implemented the ggpo netcode in there.

nope its sthd netcode

not bad, but not good either

I came.

This is cool, but couldn’t it have been posted in the MvC2 for x360/ps3 thread(s) that we already have?