Mvc2 Results-charlotte(1-11-03)


Mvc2,Cvs2,3s Results-charlotte(1-11-03)

The top 5 places in Mvc2 went to Eric Valencia,D.Perez,Shaun Banks,Andrew Ward and Samuel Ackerman.Congrats to all the players who played in the tournament.I got to meet alot of cool people(Foomyjin,Syberninja,Arcademan,etc.)if i forgot anyone my bad. I have to say i’m happy to see more Magneto players now,Mags is too Fucki**g good.Taz your magneto is off the hook,and so are those sentinel air combos Dammmnn!!!I going to have to learn to play that cheap p.o.s. sentinel(lol).Hope to see everyone at tthe next charlotte tournie because this one had alot of good competition.

P.S.-I’ll give you credit (joey)your MSP mine in our first match and i’m not going to make excuses,yours was just better that particular game,but I had to pick cable,storm,cc.It’s all good though.Good match nonetheless.Holla back.

The top spots in CVS2 went to D.Perez,Matttew Kavalek(Foomyjin)and Lamont Prince.Lots of great matches in that tournie.So can everyone please stop talking about"the match" you guys know what i’m talking about.Just play the damn game.

The top spots in 3S went to D.Perez,Eric Lee,and Jose Hernandez.Good shit u guys on those 3s matches.Alex is to fucking good and so is Ken.Holla back.


shaun, don’t lie man. i’m sure you let me win that one. anyways, i had fun and i did better than i thought i would in both mvc2 and 3s. i had all kinds of fun. especially my first 3s match with trent. even though i lost, it was well worth it.



** A Few Comments About The Tourney**

Okay since there is no official thread by anyone @ Mindboggle I will use this one to voice my opinions about the tourney. I would first like to say that Mindboggle is the bomb as far as arcades. You guys had great games and lots of space for people to walk around. This was definately one of the best mall arcades I had been too. I would also like to say that the announcements were great, having access to a microphone can totally help the players hear when they are up and I think it ran better than most tournies as far as staying on time. I think 2 MVC2 cabbies was also a great idea. That helps alot when you have an extra cabby for a big tourney game, helps the time pass faster for everyone. The location of the arcade was great too, right by the doors to the parking lot. I think the overall experience for me and my crew was great. However I have a few things I would like to suggest to the people that ran the tourney, keep in mind these are things that lots of people were complaining about (mostly out of towners). I would just like to lay it on the table and see what you guys think.

  1. MVC2 time setting - I have never attended a large scale event with time not on default. I heard a few people mention it and the responses they got back were “well it helps keeping the game from running a time out” Thats not good. You see everyone that plays high level practices on default time, thats part of the game strategy. I along with a few others from out of town were not aware you guys were going to run the games on max time. That screwed me up for one, but also alot of others. It IS noticeable, we noticed right away watching the first match. IMO and a few others is if you are going to run the games on slow time make sure you post that before out of towners show up. I know for one I probably wouldnt have attended if I knew that I would have to switch up my internal game clock to play. Time is part of game strategy, its just as important as damage and game speed. Next time you hold a major I suggest setting the clock back to default.

  2. Holding Disqualified people disqualified - I notice you mentioned a few times that “insert name” had 3 mins to show up or they were disqualified. Now I know that a few times they were people I consider friends but when you say “this person is disqualified” and a few rounds later I am up against that person, that makes me question whether or not if I leave and come back later will you let me back in. This has been a problem in the past where in majors a person leaves…is said to be disqualified then comes back hours later and is allowed back in. Then a few other people do it and expect the same treatment. Hold your word when you do it, otherwise no one will respect your authority and it could cause alot of arguments.

  3. Brackets - I notice there were ALOT of little bickering arguments about the brackets. Bottom line is, if you want people to show up and play in these tournies you need to @ least hear them out without giving them grief. If you dont like the suggestion, just dont do it. There is no need for yelling and acting as if they are stupid just because they make a bracket suggestion. We show up to play in YOUR tourney. When you travel over 7 or 8 hours to show support for a tourney, the last thing you want to hear is the person you are making suggestions too acting like your an ass. More so when you know its someone that has attended majors, they know what they are talking about and sometimes the suggestions can be a big help.

Well otherwise this tourney was great, had a good time. I hope you guys have another one soon so we can make a trip down.
NC Peeps are too cool…



Hey… I tied with Sami… lolol… I’m not proud of it… but still at least mention me hahah… Wasn’t mentioned in any of the other threds either so you know…