MvC2 Results from Eight on the Break: 10/9/05

first of all id like to say, the marvel community is a bunch of homos for not going…damn even commy went…good looks commy by the way

anyways out of 7 entries

1st - Josh Wigfall - msp,mss
2nd - Mike “call me mike nice” Williams - row
3rd - Rashaan “mike is too nice” i dont know his last name aka org - spiral, santhrax, stuff
4th - Liston “i need a napkin after every match” i dont know his last name either - row, santhrax

then it was me, ed and commy

Josh beat Org 3-0 in the winners finals
Mike beat Org 3-2 in the losers finals

mike was broke and forfeited the finals after it being 2-2

liston and mike both beat me
ed lost to i think mike and myself
liston was beasting

pot was 100 with ed and I chipping in 15 each, instead of giving these guys free steaks

again, im disappointed in the marvel community because there is a lot of talk that marvel is dead. it’s only dead if you don’t play, don’t compete, etc. don’t blame marvel for dying, blame yourselves nikkazzz. chea im out peace

haha, yea, i went… on no sleep for 24 hours =X nut no disrespect for liston and wigfall beating me, i haven’t played in a while, but yea, as long as there’s heads up on the next one, i’ll try and make it

Mike keepin it nice.

yo i blew off my money on Stars…mind if i can get that $5.25 back mike?


Good shit guys

Damn that sucks, nobody could have held him down?

7 entries!?! so it was final 4, S. Dot, Ed, and Commy?


back in the game

I want to start playing marvel again
neone wanna go to the break on sunday evening/afternoon

^ you still in jersey? Princeton right?

in new brunswick now
20 mins from the break

u serious?!? im 5 minutes from there.

u got sticks? i dont have mine
wanna play sunday?

now u start play rahssan =/ lame

come to the cove at the busch student center on sunday… ill be here!!! pooping

Damn, that sucks. We got more people than that over here playing casual on the regular with like, no real arcade. :frowning:

Whatup Jersey/NY/whoever! Come to Vegas!

yo yo whats good jersey, get somethin goin this thanksgivin, team poughkeepsie cravin the marvel!