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MvC2: Roll

Ok so i was jus playin roll one day cuz i felt like it. Yes i know she does suck, but i couldnt seem to do much of anything with her really. Does anyone got any good b&b combos or strats or n e thing would help. thx.


Umm, best team with Roll on it, Roll/Cable/Cyke. I’m sure you can guess my strats already, haul ass with Roll to build meter for the meat of the team. She’s like a ghetto Mega Man so play her like one. Occasionally you can get in a launcher or two and then just do four hits with a throw followed with an OTG attack into Roll Buster or if in corner try for another air combo that may lead to Roll’s surprisingly painful resets. You can sj., throw a flower bomb then a Roll Buster, this is kinda like Cable run away and like Iron Man’s Smart Bombs, also, don’t double jump unless you need to get away. She can double jump across the whole screen so save it. On the way down, do an U+Hk, it’s got a lot of priority and can beat out a lot of crap. Once you land well, do it again, use Cable and Cyke when possible and necessary, try to get her Tornado Hold too then you can do slide xx Tornado Hold bullshit and maybe get a combo or at least some relatively safe chip. Her Rock Ball and Leaf Shield are pretty worthless so don’t worry about them, she can connect supers but it’s a waste of time unless you need a VERY small amount of chip, in which case, sj, then dj, do a Beat Plane, fly down and mash your ass off. Speaking of supers, you can get a 50% Roll/Commando combo, it goes like this,,, c.Hk + Commando, Hyper Roll, if it works right, Commmando OTGs them into Roll’s start up hit.

Then when Roll is really weak or has lots of meter, CAHVB in Cable and use her proj. assist to pressure and open up combo opprotunities for Cable and Cyke. Just remember, she’s like Mega Man w/o the usefullness.



Best Roll strategy is to abuse wake ups with sweep and throw… guaranteed.

Some people use Roll with Tron… but that’s dependent on OTGs… plus, you can’t abuse wake ups with that. Really… with Roll, you want to get repeated throws. Her throw is one of the best in the game. Use her double jump, but not to land jump ins… just use it to dodge an AAA or launcher attempt, then land close and go for a throw or sweep. Stay close with that shit… otherwise, you die.

Fuck using super/doing combos with Roll. You’ll die trying.


dude, roll’s proj. assist sucks…

better be picking boquet when you pick her, as soon as it touches the ground you can call her out again, and even call out another assist while it’s in the air, and if you have someone like tron on point w/ doom or sent assist, you got a STUPID amount of stuff on screen…

i think that’d be a decent team, doom,tron, roll in any order

just try to safely get tron on point, call boquet and cover w/ kobun shot/ as soon as roll’s off screen call drones or rocks and keep them zoned/pinned.

Disclaimer: this strat is NOT Cable/Sent safe, it is Storm safe though because WILL tag her out of hail if you’re 1/2 screen or so away. This is where tron needs to be to be effective, not full screen, 1/2 screen. Her standing jabs are good pokes when you have kobun shot out and drones are coming in, use a few jabs to keep them away and if you’re expecting a launcher w/ range (storm’s use a to relatiate as it can be in the air after the launch and will tag them out of the superjump, or beat the launcher altogether.


Rolls air projectile really isnt too good. It only does 5 damage and knocks the guy down in a way so that nothing else will connect after her air projectile. Well, at least its nice to know that she HAS a air fireball. Her bouquets are nice but they do even less damage than her air fireball. Its like a poor mans Cable electric trap. Her ground Roll Buster does a decent 10 damage so thats better.

For her bread and butter combo, I just do lk, hp, Roll buster while taging in any assist. You can also do lk, mk, hp, Roll buster but youll need to dash-in really deep. Against certain characters, you can connect a,, into the air combo of your choice. Ending the air combo with an air throw is probably the best option, but if you want guaranted damage, then end with an up+hk or hp, up+hk if you are in the corner. Remember, her air roll buster does almost no damage, so stop ending air combos with that! A lot of people also use crouching lk, crouching mk, crouching hk, OTG jab tornado hold, but its the OTG that I don`t like. Use it at your own risk.

Always remember, the throw is your friend.

Also, to clear things up, Roll does not have her air Beat Plane super anymore:mad: They took it out from MvsC1. She is also not a ghetto Megaman so dont play her like one (please compare their air fireball damage and lag). I cant blame Bojack because its tough to use Roll, but I dont mind using her because I play her on my DC. Even though my brother brags about beating my Chun-li/Roll/Dan with his Cable/Doom/Cyclops while dancing around with an attitude, I dont mind because I dont need to spend any more money buying credits and the rare times that I do beat him with Roll more than pays off.


I thought I’d nevere see the day…but enough of that…

I usually team-up Roll with BH and Storm(y) Roll’s jump speed is slow that’s why I incorporate it with a tracking AA such as BH or with Storm(y) for that matter. By using Storm’s y assist Roll can combo Hyper Roll in an air combo for decent damage…c.HK is pretty good since Roll slides and with her low-height you can dodge almost any projectile…

I usually choose proj. assist for her since it’s quite fast…


Actually she can get out of a lot of traps.


I’ve been using roll a lot lately… in this team: Megaman/Roll/Tron

I don’t think this was mentioned before, But Roll’s j. wk is an overhead. So whenever your close or after a throw, j. wk + tron, j. wk, is pretty safe, then if it all hits, tack on a launcher or slide

A b&b of sorts I use besides the overhead is:

d. wk + tron, d. wk, d. rh… OR d. wk, d. wk, d. rh +tron

This does NICE damage, and you can launch and AC if it all this…

I’ve been trying out some traps with her rockball and fireball:

From Fullscreen:
call tron (for cover), rockball, kick rockball, fireball, repeat

It’s not lockdown city, but it may surprise people the first few times lol

I heard some people having trouble doing her flower move, the motion is a TRUE dp … so if your doing f, d, f… it won’t work. It has to be f, d, df

THank god she has a double jump… it saves her from being total crap… I wish megaman had one


Let me assure you that this man knows NOTHING of what he’s talking about.


i think you’re thinking of servobt. roll cant do any better of a job escaping traps than anyone else really and taking less chip damage.


My two cents on Roll…

Hey, guys. I’m new around these here parts…
(Yes, hooray for me. :clap: )

Anyway, I was just perusing through the articles here on the Shoryuken forums, and I came across this thread, on one of my favorite characters, Roll. Just thought I’d pop in and post my two cents.

First of all, Roll is a terrible character to play with if you’re just starting out on this game. Her priority is poor, her moves are weaker than most other characters, and to catch someone off-guard in a combo will take nothing short of a miracle. In other words, she’s not a beginner-freindly character, she’s purely for advanced players who has some level of experience with her. Take me, for example. When I started to play Marvel vs. Capcom in the arcades way back in 99, I started out by playing with Mega Man. Sure, I didn’t know that advanced combos or anything like that, but he practically drew me to this game. Then, somebody showed me how to unlock Roll in the game.

At first, my reaction to her was…‘WTF?’, simply because she lacked range, had weaker moves than her brother, and can easily be evaded by the likes of Wolverine and Strider. In time, though, I started to go with the flow, choosing the team of MegaMan and Roll. Sure, I collected my fair share of bruises, but I never gave up on Roll, even when several people laughed at me and told me to give up on her.

In time, though, I began to learn the mechanics of the game, the combos, the traps you can set up, and so on, and soon, the team of Mega Man and Roll became a force to be reckoned with down here in Trinidad. The second they see those characters selected, they instantly recognise who I am, and what I’ve accomplished with these characters.

Fast forward to the present.
I’ve been holding my own with the Blue Bomber Squad (Mega Man, Tron Bonne and Roll) in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Wasn’t easy, considering all the changes they made to Mega Man and Roll since MvC. However, I soon got the hang of how they move and fight, and pretty soon, I went on to maintain a vicious winning streak with them, with only 4 losses out of about 80 battles I’ve had involving these characters. Mega Man with his sheer firepower, Tron with her combo-abilities, and Roll with her ability to confuse with her double jumps and Rock Ball attacks.

But I’m digressing here, let’s go straight to the point.
I just competed in a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 tournament, and, I’m very happy to say that I’ve won that tournament, using the Blue Bomber Squad. But you want to know who I won that tourney with?
That’s right.
The SAME character that people told me to give up on.
The same character that everybody would easily pass over in favour of their prissy Cable Viper Beam and Sentinel strategies.
That’s right.
The character that made me Trinidad’s newest Marvel vs. Capcom 2 champion was…ROLL.

My training, hard work and belief in Roll’s abilities, as limited as they are, helped propel me to the top, and paid off at last, earning me a Discman. What can I say? Her Crescent Slask Kick (Hold Up + FK) is da bomb. Plus, I had the sheer element of surprise as well, since people would NEVER suspect Roll, out of all people, to topple the likes of Cyclops and Sentinel (who I faced in my final match).
Roll, I’m so proud of you! :clap:

Anyway, let’s see how best I can contribute to this thread, since you asked for strategies on Roll.

With regards to her Assist, I would recommend her Projectile Assist. To tell you the truth, the Flower Bomb would not give you the confidence to move forward with your character like the Projectile can. Sure, it’s weak, but if your opponent tries to launch a Hadouken or a Sonic Boom your way, you can use Roll’s Roll Buster move to cancel it out and move towards the opponent.
Plus, the range and power on Flower Bomb’s not really going to stop the likes of Magneto from stomping a mudhole into you.

With regards to players who provide good back-up, I STRONGLY recommend a character with a strong projectile attack, namely Cable or MegaMan. If you want to achieve any success with Roll, you have to keep your opponent on their toes with her aerial raves (because playing keep-away with her will not net you anything unless you’re trying to zone a player until you get enough Super combo energy), and that means going up close and nailing them, either with a triangle jump followed by an Aerial Rave, or by confusing your opponent with her crouching LK, LK, FK, Roll buster combo. And, considering how poor her range and defense is, you’re going to need cover fire.

Effective strategies with Roll are a bit tricky to pull off, but it can be done. You can consider what I’ve said in the above, or, you can whittle at your opponent with Roll Buster shots, to gaud them into moving forward. Her size allows her to slip under opponents (though not ALL the time), and nail them with a standing Fierce Kick, while they swat at thin air! (where you used to be). Also, given Roll’s double jump, you can trying tempting your opponents into launching an anti-air attack, then hitting UP again to throw them off, and sometimes, get in a free hit. Also, I find that the most effective weapon in her arsenal is the Rock Ball, since your opponent will most likely roll out of her Tornado Hold (plus, Capcom made it tricky to get in the first place).

Well, I sincerely hope that if anybody wishes to give Roll a chance out there, that they follow my advice and duke it out as best as they can. Of course, she will be a character that requires SERIOUS practice (heck, it took me a whole FIVE years to make her a competitive player), but I can assure you, despite her weaknesses, she is still capable of pulling off victories here and there. Just give her a try, You won’t regret it.
Heck, look at what she’s done for me. :tup:

Well, I gotta go now, but it’s great to be a member of the Shoryuken forums. Hope to chat with you guys in the future!
See ya!


Well well Mr MVC2 Champion of Trinidad, I’m just curious here, the only MVC2 in recent memory i know about, was being advertised on TV for last Friday, somewhere in the North. But from what i hear the guy that won it used your same team. So congrats…

Oh yeah you forgot to mention that only you and one other person signed up for that tournament and judging from Trinidadian standards we are almost below n00b level.


Roll combo: my bro actually plays with roll but he told me to post up this combo.

Get oponnent with roll buster towards corner, otg,, sj.lp,, fireballxxHyper Roll.
BTW, can nebody help me out with rolls semi inf? I seem to have a timing problem after the throw. Does it work on all chars? I can do cammy’s reset and semi inf, why can’t I do roll’s?


Well, there you go.
All it takes is determination and some practice, and you could master those characters in no time.

That is why I’m going to be hosting the ‘Most X-Treme Marvel vs. Capcom 2’ challenge in an upcoming tournament that I’ve got planned. I was sorely disappointed at the turnout at that tournament, and even MORE so in the fact that my worthiest adversaries that gave me a good fight didn’t register in time.
So, I’m going to send out a challenge to all of the MvC players in Trinidad. If you can survive all of the hurdles and special stipulations that I’ve put together for this tournament, you can truly be worthy of being called a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 champion.
I’m expecting the best there, so don’t worry.
If they really want to flex their muscles and show what they’re made of, no matter what, they will come.

Besides, weren’t you there when I was taking on EVERYBODY to warm up for the tournament? The only times I lost was when I deviated from my usual team and started to fool around with characters like Omega Red and Wolverine. Only one man beat me with the Blue Bomber Squad, and that guy I would like to face again. Other than that, a healthy winning streak of 5 wins and several scattered after that.


Actually I wasn’t there.I wish I was but I wasnt. Travelling from South to POS can be a little of a strain on the pocket.

PM with the details when you have them ready.


No problem. I assume you’re a member of the GATT forums, so pm me and we’ll talk business!


It’s been nearly 4yrs, so I hope you got that throw reset in the corner down…let’s see it at EVO this year! :party:

lol, but after doing her little combo section of my encyc, you pretty much throw anywhere in your MS, land on your opponent with a, slight pause to land, dash f, launch…

Remember: EVO!!! :party:


I use Either Roll/Cable/Blackheart or Roll/Cable Tron.

The first team with Blackheart She mostly is there for runaway and really fast meter building. I run away whiffing many J.HK’s then double jump away or toward the other side safely while gaining as much meter as possible. IF they trying to rush or attack me I call Cable Assist and send them away, then summon rockball, call blackheart and TK a Roll buster to try to annoy them on the way down. On the ground if safe enough, again I summon Rockball, Call Blackheart Assist, then TK a Rollbuster. This is generally good against a Storm who wants to Hailstorm me. After doing so I immediate Jump and run away again. Roll isn’t the main concern on the team Cable is. She is there for meter building and runaway annoyance. Once they give me a good position to Counter in Cable and super, Roll has done her job and will serve as just a Assist. It’s not really a Roll Team for her but she does a great job in her role and you get to have fun using her while repeatedly running away. her Double Jump trick with Blackheart and cable anti-air make her really annoying for the opponent. When playing Cable players I have an edge on them. he has to do either TKed Viper beams or just ground viper beams because I’ll usually slide or walk forward if he does gun. If they have like Sentinal assist I’ll usually block the drones then jump out, if it’s like Magneto assist then block once then get out. Her offense isn’t her spark on this team, it’s the runaway factor. Since she is so small when crouching Magneto Tri-jump with LK followed by lk, mk, with Psylocke. Psylocke misses most of the time so I can counter with my assist or just launch. Fun team, a bootleg Megaman/Cable/Blackheart? Yes it is but it is diffferent, MM/Cabke/BH is more for Keepaway and the team is generally design alround for every Character on point. R0ll/Cable/BH is more Runaway, This team is all about Cable with Roll just gaining meter. Fun team if you like to run.

My Second team with Tron is contrast to my first team. This team is for Roll getting up close and she is the main character. Normal Jump forward then Double Jump forward with Tron Gives you and easy crossup for you to attack from behind. Magneto who want to Tri-jump, you can normal jump up call tron then throw a Flower Pot and he will most likely run into it. He’ll have to air Dash to the other side to dodge it in which you can then bait out Psylocke and call tron after he tries to cross you up. Her Double jump is the key factor with Tron. Jump forward once blocking see if they call their assist and if they do call out tron and double jump forward at the same time or if it isn’t safe yet just double jump up or back and block. It’s the same stuff you use with Cammy’s double jump rushdown. if they have like Cyclops or a high priority assist that can beat out Tron then start using Cable to make them think again. With two assist protecting her to get in, it’s no too bad. If you want to play more defensively you can utilize Rockball with Tron or Get Tornado Hold and use that with Cable. With her Great Grabs, her double jump forward and tron assist, you can throw them into tron assist and see if you can can a quick juggle as you fall toward the floor. Now most of these Circumstances are based off of Magneto/Storm teams and sometimes Storm/Sentinel. If they have Cable or they have a good sentinel, it’s just better letting Cable handle those, Roll is just there for upclose fight. And just so you know, her normals are short limbed but when close enough in range she is very fast. If you want to try it out, then jump toward the opponent with Tron assist,land and as they are blocking tron assist do just LP, LP, LP, LP, LP, LP, LP,etc. pressure string over and over while walking forward and see if they can hit back. In the corner they are gonna push block you out of it but you get my point. Fun team to do little crossup rushdown with.

Yeah I usually put cable with Roll so she always has an Anti-Air that pushes them off screen so she can comfortably summon a rockball and kick it or for her to moved near them for a crossup with Tron. Cable also helps in the ranged fight factor and gets the job done. Also for those people who who say that Roll’s Projectile is bad, it actually has a couple of uses. First off, it kills Super armor in one hit, yes I was using Sentinel one time and Juggernaut did Head Crush I called out Roll projectile before he actually did his super and it stopped the whole super. Yes it negated super armor. Another thing it OTG’s. So that Magneto Double Fierce and Double Roundhouse Combo people like to do? yeah well we all know you can’t super jump after the sliding roundhouse because of Flying Screen. Do the same combo with Roll assist and it kills the Flying Screen then you can continue it pushing for an possible 75-80%+ life combo. Yeah so the OTG factor makes it a lot more interesting and useful compared to a Hadou-Ken, Sonic Boom, or Yoga Fire (Also it’s a very large fireball.).

Just a lot of Blocking, Jumping, Counter Assist calling, and your own little strats an combos and she is playable and definitely fun. Oh and If you do gun gun gun gun Triple Team with Cable, he always lifts the opponent high enough for Roll’s Laser to Connect. A great Flashy way to end the Round or Chip Sentinel. My favorite colors are the Dark Gray/Blue (I don’t know I like the Blonde Hair and Blue shirt, it looks nice.) and the Hot pinkish-purple hair and exotic green mix. Makes her looks crazy enough shoot someone, (Cable: “Hehe I taught her well”). Yeah well there is my 3 cents.