MvC2: Rolling out of Storm's Hailstorm?



The computer does it all the time. It pisses me off when it happens. If the computer gets hit with a straight up hailstorm, it takes like 2-3 hits and then rolls out. Is it possible for a human to do this? Instead of taking the continuous chip from the super, would it be possible to take one or two pellets and just keep doing rolling motions to roll to the other side?


You can roll out of the Hailstorm, you just have to be VERY close to the ground to do it.


If you on the ground…

the initial hits will hit you, others will OTG you…

you can roll out of it.


Even if it can be done, it doesnt seem very useful to me. According to geekboy, you have to be close to the ground to do it. how often do you actually see a storm do a hailstrom when ur on the ground without throwing out a typhoon first and cancelling it? it seems to me that taking the typhoon, then possibly an assist such as sent ground or mag projectile, then a few hits of hailstorm would exceed the random chipping of hailstorm, not to mention the risk of not being able to roll at all.


The chip damage from a Hailstorm is random anyway.

Sometimes it does up to 5% damage and other times it only does 1 pixel.


yes it is possible, it takes good timing tho and is somewhat random, if u get good at it , it’s pretty useful, u know how sometimes you try to shoot pistols at storm, or do a typhoon, or low pink beam with sent, and the bitch hailstormed over it, normally this woudl be a big, scrubby mistake but you can just roll out and take next to no damage


I just pulled it off today. Let’s see if I can do it consistently now…


A couple of Q’s

  1. Its a normal roll( the direction) its not like jugs HV JP(where you have to roll backwards)

  2. Do you do it fast? or just normal(when you hitt the ground)

  3. If you rool can you hit storm?


I have done it a few times and seen it done a few times. It seems most abusable while full screen away from Storm. I think Viscant posted about the properties of Hail Storm and the only place you could roll was full screen, I haven’t seen it done anywhere else. What Geekboy said seems logical, the first piece of hail knocking you to the ground then the next otg’ing. I don’t see the applicability of this unless after the roll you are in a good position to cross up Storm or land a hit. Or, if taking the hit and rolling takes more life than sitting and taking the chip. If it does work when you are right above the ground, you could normal jump over the typhoon that most Storm’s throw out and try to roll but that is a bit too risky for me. If anyone wants to experiment and post their results, more power to you ;].

EDIT: Alright I just turned on the DC and put the computer to auto roll and tried Hail Storm at different positions on the screen. I was too lazy to try it on a bunch of characters so all of my results are based on Storm vs. Storm. Apparently it doesn’t matter where the opponent is while the Hail Storm is happening, the computer rolled out from everywhere I tried it. But, it did seem rather random when the computer rolled and when it did not roll. When I Hail Stormed with the computer right next to me, it rolled out every time. When it was full screen it rolled out about 90% of the time. When it was 3/4 screen away it rolled out only a few times taking about 17-20 hits on average. When it was half screen it rolled every now and again taking on average 5-12 hits. When it was 1/4 screen away it rolled most of the time usually taking just 2-6 hits. I’ll mess around with it later see if I can figure out anything else.


Huh. I play against the computer all the time (cough I don’t have a home system), and I’ve never seen it roll the hail storm. Maybe an arcade vs. console difference?

Once I knew to look for it, I was immediately able to use it in a match - the timing seems to be straight-forward … it’s just a normal roll.

I haven’t been able to connect after the roll yet… it seems Storm’s recovery is too damned quick. But you’re close to Storm, so that sets up well for assist+triangle jump rush down. I’d love to be able to directly punish her though. :\


I’ve rolled out

**Yeah a couple of times i’ve rolled out of a hailstorm by jumping at the last second and then, being low enough to the ground, rolled out.

Question: When you roll out of it, you kind of end up under her; Do you stand up facing her front or her back?**


I’ve rolled out

Just barely past her back. [I play Silver Samurai, and if you screw up which direction you face & cross yourself over into a non-ice sword power-up, you’ve pretty much lost. :lame: ]


Rolling out of hailstorm was “team san diego’s” STSFN (kind of). It’s on video somewhere …hm…(shadyk v amir in a team tournament).

It’s timing. You can’t mash roll. Just lots of and lots of practice. But it’s obviously doable if people can do it at least 50% (which is worth it, b/c you have nothing to lose)