MvC2 Ruby Heart Combovideo release

This is the Ruby Heart Combovideo ive been working on the last couple of weeks. I named it “How to use Ruby Heart on your team”, because it shows alot of things you can do with ruby heart on your team (DHCs, and other ways you can use her supers, and a lot of combos with her assists). So, its really focused more on using Ruby on your team,not really focused on using Ruby solo… It would of been released earlier this week, but I had some “delays” ( the video program i was using was bootleg :bluu: )… The link is down there… :encore: :tup:

Ill E- Ruby Heart combovideo

Damn…that’s a nice video!

What is the song on the BG?

I’m going to download this, but damnit, you’d better not have that damn Hyper Schwartzeille x 5 combo in it.


Loved the Storm DHC and the Ruby’s special hits.

first song wit timbaland deserves :tup:
nice vid too :tup:

Edit: Dig the AV above too; did they come from a comic?

Ack, can’t watch it. Am I behind the times in “codecs” or whatever the kids call them these days.

fuckin nice man, good sync with the song too

Nice Video, i was diggin the music and its good that you made a ruby heart video, becuase im pretty sure their is not one out there. Loved the combos were you did the flame super and got down in time to launch into combo. Overall, good work i enjoyed watching it.

Very informative great vid!

damn son 146 mb added some porn in did we?

the first song was the instrumental for The Game’s song “Put You on the game” produced by Timbaland. I love that beat… one of the best Timbo beats I’ve heard in 2005.

The main song is “Guerilla Monsoon Rap” -Talib Kweli ft. Black Thought from The Roots, and Pharoahe Monch, and Kanye West (he’s rapping the chorus). I love this song too, thats some real hip hop right there. Also, Pharoahe Monch makes a reference to Dr. Doom in the song. :karate:

Thanks for the feedback everybody… I was hoping people would like this video…It looks like everybody likes it so far. :karate:

Very nicely done, really informative. Worth the size… :cool:

If all the low tier characters had a breakdown like that, I think that would make a nice library of vids. Not to mention an excellent sticky thread in the Marvel folder.

Great job.

Too big for this computer to download, but from what I’ve heard, you did a good job.

congrats on your new video ill e. DLing it now

Yea i cant dl it. Maybe if preppy gets it on his site (:

<3 Ruby Heart.

Downloading now, Hope its good. Else Im gonna have to tell it how it is, But seeing as how it uses a low tier This most likely will show potential :slight_smile:

holy hell…am playing RH from now on.

I’ve mirrored it now:

This is a really good / accessible combo video - one of the best I’ve seen in years since probably MvC2: Advanced Tactics. :tup:

Thanks a lot for the props Preppy. I appreciate it. I just got into playing Marvel a lot like at the end of last year( I played it when it came out in 2000, and stopped playing like a year later and didnt play it again until the end of 2004), and that was when i first saw Advanced Tactics (I know, im really late :karate: ), and Mike-Z’s videos. I just tried to make a video that would impress people, the same way I was impressed by Mike-Z’s crazy combos. And, Advancted Tactics had so much important stuff in it (guard cancel;etc), I think thats its one of, if not, THE most important Marvel combo video that ever came out. So, for my video to be compared to Advancted tactics is really …an honor. :karate: :pleased: