MvC2: Ryu

Need Strategy and Tactics for Ryu(MvC2)

I usually use Ryu and I need help getting strategy and tactics for ryu. Thank you

Here is one combo I usually use. Jumping roundhouse, jab, fierce, hurricane kick(roundhouse), use shinku hadoken. You can substitute the hurricane with a hadoken. Make sure that you don’t let the oppenent hit the ground after the hurricane kick.

Is there any one that uses Ryu?

Here is a strat: don’t use him he sux a$$. Use Ken if you want a shoto. :lame:

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Nah, Ryu does suck though.

Well Ryu/sent/BH is a good ryu team. BH’s ice covers pretty much all of the lag from ryus shoryuken, use it a lot, that’s like a freakin anti-rushdown/runaway strat.

But if you’re planning on winning :confused: Here’s a good strat, pick someone else :lame:

Is that a challenge? I’ll play you with Ken and you can have Ryu. Now if only didn’t live 7 hours from Sacramento.

Dude, Blackheart/Sent/Anyone is good with that duo behind them. Don’t flame because you know it is true. So the arguement doesn’t hold up.

I remember seeing a guy who had Ryu and Psylocke do this…
(ryu first)
Launch, sj. lp, sj. lk, shinkuu hadouken, DHC into Psylock’s Psythrust and point up/forward, then down/forward.

I was awhile ago, but I think that’s how it goes. Oh, and I heard (note: heard) that ryu can do two hadoukens on the ground. Not sure if it’s true, but you do a lp hadouken, then immediately do a tiger knee fp hadouken. Never tried it, but since you use Ryu, maybe it does work and it’ll come in handy for you.

i dunno, ryus pretty good if you feel like getting good at using him. he can combo in practically anywhere from anything and his hyper hurricane kick and sometimes his shinkuu hadoken can be cancelled by just about any other super ur partner may have.
some of you may have posted this before but just a quick recap of some of the more helpful combos/strats:

launch, lp, lk,lp,lk, shinkuu hadoken

dash in, c. lk, s. hp, roundhouse hurrican kick(optional), shinkuu hadoken

in corner, c. lk, s. hp, fierce hadoken, hyper hurricane kick

dash in, c. lk, c. hk, hyper hurricane kick

if at any time you are being severely rushed, or against excessive jump ins dont hesitate to unleash the shin shoryuken, as it has invincible startup (given that you dont mind losing 3 meters but the damage is substantial)

hadokens are evil. dont use them unless you are absolutely sure the character you are fighting cannot punish you for letting one fly. the only time that is safe to use them is if you want to stay airborne a little longer (avoid super, build meter, ect.) or to end combos.

if you want to build meter a faster way, just sj, and hp all the way down. ryus jumping fierce has good priority just make sure not to jump straight on your opponent as some characters can launch you back up and always hold back on the way down to protect from beamers and dash ins.

shinkuu hadoken can be done in air (duh) so if youre up against someone who likes to super jump and beam their way down, super jump yourself and let them have it. (fliers cant block :smiley: )

another thing i like to do is sj, fierce all the way down and right before touching the floor use a shinkuu hadoken. its down right suprising and unexpected.

there isnt a team i havent beaten yet, mags, cables, sents, storms, all fall before the might of the warrior without a cause. he may not be a god like the marvel chars, but he can hold his own when used correctly.

this is all kind of basic and for a stand alone ryu. as far as i know ryu cant reach his true potential unless hes in conjuction with other shotos and of course other decent assists, and ive had an extremely reliable team with ryu/ken/akuma, if anyones interested i’ll be glad to explain it or go further in depth with using ryu.

Ryu rocks

-Ryu’s ground to air fireball is a must for keepaway and chip and for placing of ryu against rushdown artists. Simply press down to forward and then up and punch {fierce} hard to pull off but useful at the right distance if a fast dasher tries to get under you reply with an airial hard punch standing hard punch then a hadouken{fierce} if you have a supermeter finish the hadouken by cacelling into shinkuu hadouken. Very effective but you have to cover yourself with an assist to get it started.

Ryu is THE best.

Here’s a proven strat that works time and again.

Go ahead and try if you don’t believe me.

j.fp->s.fp->shinkuu hadoken->dhc hailstorm->run away.

The j.fp could even be blocked and it’ll still work.

The best character.

Once again…

Last couple pots of mine in the thread were more strategy and stuff, with the first ones being mainly combos.

i tell you a dope 11-hit combo with Ryu if you know how to play with Ruby Heart

Ryu sucks in mvc2. Just use cable like everyone else

look i just bought the game and i just wanna say that ryu is pretty good in that game if u want to mention charcter that suck’s u can use dan :smiley:

I’ve used Ryu since I was four years old, and, thanks to that, I am capable of using ryu in his optimal form. He may not be the best character, but I’m capable of beating people to a pulp with him and Hayato.One of my favorite combos:

Jump in, h.k,dash in, s.lp,s.lp,s.hp, Hadoken, Shinkuu Hadoken

being that ryu is my fav. character aside from Hayato, this came easy for me to master, but this is not very easy to get off since if u don’t do it fast enough it won’t combo up, and if u do it too fast, u’ll end up doing Shin Shoryuken. The damage is good, though, because this combo only uses 1 gauge and yet the damage is almost equivaltent to the shin shoryuken, which is 3 gauges.

lp,mp,hp + Sent. Assist,jump,Shinnku Hadoken. Does half of life.:eek:

ryu has been my no1 forever:D
capcom should of made him better and cable worse:lol:
capcom is :lame:

Team Shotokan is very good

Using Ryu/Akuma-exp, do, call akuma,, (akuma hits), hk Hurricane kick (it can hit twice), XX Shinkuu Hadouken

it does nice damage, since Ryu’s hurricane kick is the strongest of the shotos

theres a vid of Ryu Combos there…some other good collections for sakura, morrigan…and some pretty powerfull silver samurai ones…mostly exhibitions so not sure how often you’d be able to bust them while playing but worth a look in for some ideas anyway!!