MVC2: Sakura!



MvC2: Sakura Thread

The boards seem so empty right now… :frowning:

I had to bring some life to it, so post any combos, strats, questions, etc… Anything you want to add about Sakura.


easy semi flashy do anywhere aircombo…

Normal Sakura + Evil Sakura:

lk lk (SuperJump) lp lk lp lk qcb+lk millisecond pause lp qcf+lp

Evil sakura strats == easy!!!

just ashura warp till your in close… punch throw and mash like crazy… rinse, repeat.

or if you feel like actually doing a combo…

lp lp hp qcf+p qcf+PP


Ya’ll forgot to post her easiest combo as normal Sakura, standing lp lp, lp shouoken xx into qcb kk.

This next combo only works on some characters, I know it works on Cable and I think Sent. You gotta be Evil Sakura.

launch, lp lk, roundhouse hurricane kick, hits 3 times, then air throw, OTG qcf pp.

If it doesn’t work on some of the other characters you can just lp, lk, lp, lk, air throw then OTG qcf pp. The throw resets the damage.

If you got them in the corner and you don’t have meter or wanna save it, you can luanch, lp lk lp lk, air throw, and either lp dragon punch, or do an air fireball.


Sakura…You the Shiiznit…!!!

Sakura is too sweettttt!

She can hang with any character… Very well balanced…

I think she is one of the best characters on the capcom side…

Things to know about Sakura…

  1. Best air combo…(also most reliable, with most damage)…launch lp,lk,lp,hurricane kick w/lk, Fp, FK (the Fk is tricky to connect on some characters…
  2. Abuse her lp dp…especially the tigerkneed version…lot of priority and good for wuick cross ups…
  3. Her jumping Fk has crazy priority…
  4. Use her qcb kk super to punish assists…(when opponent doesn’t have a super that can reach that high)…Also Sakura can block right away after she finsihes the super on the assists…most people don’t realize this and try to hit her on the way down…
  5. Her Kick throw does a lot of damage…
  6. Sakura plus Ironman is a sweet combination…With sakura…
    Bread and Butter combo(w/Im) should be cr lk,lp,qcflp,XXqcb PP, XX Proton Cannon… The proton cannon does a hell of a lot of damage since the opponent is off the ground and at perfect height for the PCannon…
  7. When opponent is in corner jumping at you or if opponent is coming in after you have killed one of their characters…do a fireball super as they are coming down…after that…walk in and throw…(very easy to do)…Sakura recovers before they do…
  8. Taunt whenever possible…
  9. Her best assist is w/o a doubt the charging star wanna-be shoryuken…Goes through things you wouldn’t believe…(especially good against Doom rocks and Sentinel drones and Commando antiair…) plus it does a lot of damage…It’s an excellent counter assist…
  10. She is soo cute and adorable and screams like no other…
  11. Use her air fireball super to chip jump happy characters(you have to learn when it’s safe to use though)
  12. Evil form…I personally don’t prefer this because she loses her shield during her assist…but if I don’t plan to assist with her too much…I change into evil…
  13. Evil sakura strats:
    Against dash in characters…(like cammy, wolverine)…fireball XX super fireball…Very effective(just learn the spacing for it)
    Her superfireball is unpunishable by AHVB and Head Crushes etc…Very Quick Recovery…and loads of damage…very good chipper too…
  14. Against Sentinel and large characters jump in with Fk or Fp followed by lk hurricane in the air…
  15. Sakura has probably the easiest infintes on Sentinel…(you don’t need any sort of timing with it)…
    jumping attack…land…(jump w/lk…lk…fk or fp…qcb lk)

One more thing: Sakura is very much top-tier to me…
Anyone who disagrees with me?

I am pretty sure that the Japanese having her ranked amongst the top 7 in the game…right? does anyone know for sure…

  1. Following up the lk-ahk with her airthrow will generally do more damage, and if you’re in the corner you can hit them as you’re coming down.
  2. Don’t do this against fast characters like Magneto, Cammy, etc. On block the recovery time is long enough that they can rush right underneath and launch you into death.
  3. Usually, yes, but it also has a weird angle of attack. Don’t jump in on high-priority launcher characters like Guile, Magneto, Anakaris, or Storm.
  4. Cable and Storm will both destroy you if you attempt this. (AHVB, Hailstorm respectively) But against most other characters it works. (Watch out for Ken, Capcom, Cyclops, Blackheart)
  5. Yes, but kickthrowing into an assist (especially Tron-Y) does even more.
  6. I recommend Sakura/Doom over Sakura/Ironman anyday…
  7. Push block, land, super of choice. Don’t just throw out Normal Sakura’s shinkuu hadoken, it’s not wise.
  8. No, taunt whenever Sentinel does a fierce rocket punch. You’ll outprioritize him and send him flying. It’s really quite humiliating in all the right ways.
  9. This depends entirely on how you’re going to play, but projectile is just as good as, and sometimes better than, her dashing assist.
  10. No comment.
  11. He’s right, it does do decent chip, but it’s not that easy to time unless you’re playing against Storm.
    12-14 no comment really.
  12. The infinite is actually j.lp,, j.fp, lk-ahk, land, repeat. And it will only work on a standing Sentinel in the corner. You can make two repetitions outside the corner before you miss, so if you have only a short distance to force him to make it work, go for it.

Other notes:

Normal Sakura:
-If you land a qcf+p the fireball super is recommended. The kick super will miss occasionally, but I have never seen the fireball fail to connect.
-Best ground combo: dash-in, lp, lp, fp, qcf+fp, qcb+PP
-Best otg combo: c.rh,, s.fp, qcb+PP
-If you have a good pinning assist (Tron, Doom, etc) be sure to mix up her and f+hk (overhead)
-You can’t connect her qcf+PP super off of a sho’oken. It does not work. Best connecter for her qcf+PP is off a dashing standing fierce. So, j.fp, dash, lp, lp, fp, qcf+PP.
-Use all three of her launchers regularly. mk is best against characters with super armor. c.hp is best against jump-ins. df+hk is best against rushdown as it’s the fastest one she has.
-Use the sheer size of her air fireballs to keep characters like Sentinel, Storm, and Magneto from getting uppity.
-Against Storm/Sent. If you are trying to rushdown and Storm does a typhoon and calls the drones; block the typhoon, trip Sentinel, and immediately do the fireball super.
-Sakura can duck under a number of things, from a unibeam to Sent’s plasma, be aware of how small Sakura is and use it to your advantage.

Dark Sakura:
-Best ground combo: hit them with anything, qcf+PP
-Best otg combo:,,, qcf+PP
-If you’re going to try and teleport forever, make sure the sticks are worth the effort, it’s hard enough to do on good sticks.
-Calling assists and then immediately teleporting (fdp+PP) is alot riskier than most people think. It’s safe against beamers like Cable, Cyclops, and Ironman, but characters with excellent screen coverage like Storm, Sent, and Magneto will be difficult to punish.
-Her beam does an unreasonably large chunk of damage. Use it to punish assists, since it’s difficult to counteract or prevent.


It’s weird isn’t it…her shinkuu hadouken super(evil form) does otg while ryu’s doesn’t(actually shows how good she is)…:wink:


best combo…

taunt xx her hadouken super in regular form…


She doesn’t have what it takes to make her anywhere near top tier. Her entired game is pretty much ground based, against Mag, storm, Sent, Cable, etc… she’s pretty much a goner. A lot of the Second tier can beat her down pretty well too.

That said, she does have a pretty damaging air and ground throw. And after the air throw you can OTG with the super fire ball in evil form. This does huge amounts of damage.

Also, she is much more effective in her evil form. Her super fireball punishes assits very well. Her teleport has no startup or lag, and her fireballs go all the way across the screen.


taramoor, #15 works.

jump upforward lk,lk,fk hurricane infinites to the corner iirc. Then my buddy switched it up. anyways, the infinite count went past 100 for some reason and it kills sentinel. wierd shiet.


That combo of yours is great…Too bad it doens’t work…

And why the hell would you want to do that super?..


Also, Sakura can juggle with cr lp…ala magneto…

So, she has a guaranteed launcher combo if psylocke hits…


I thought I’d make a Sak thread, and I know there are people out there that use her, so let’s talk schoolgirl. Even if you don’t, come support this shit ^_^.

First, the unpleasantries of normal Sakura. Let it be said, that she is NOT top tier in this form. She’s prolly low second tier, but still a fairly solid character.

As far as normals go, her j fk has CRAZY priority. Like I’ve kicked out rocket punches and IM’s launcher, so yea. It’s good. Her s. lp is fast and high in priority, think Psy c. lk.

Her throws are both good. FP throw is UNROLLABLE, which makes it interesting for cross ups or another throw. Mash it for best results. Her FK throw isn’t anything special, unless you throw into assists…namely tron(more on this later).

Specials…bleh. She has nothing abusable. but here’s a brief overview.

Her jab sho’ouken is very safe though, but there isn’t really a point in just throwing it out there. In the air, fp sho’ouken can cross up with like sent drones or storm proj. Nothing special.

Hurricane kick is supposedly glitched. But it’s really not and only works on the ground, making it impossible to set up in a real match. It’s not really even glitched, it just does about 40 damage if each hit connects. Only plausable use as her expansion assist vs another assist. =\ whateva. Also in combos(more for that later).

Fireball sux in this form…ignore all uses. The FP AIR version can be used like…to keep them grounded but it’s pretty weak.

Supers are all below average. =\

Her fireball super is only useful in combos, as is her hurricane kick super. Her dashing attack super is difficult to connect, but it DOES hit an assist for the full super, which catches people by suprise…or something. Just avoid her supers outside of combos.

Yay, now on to TOP TIER SAKURA! Whether or not she actually IS top tier or not is debatable. IMO, no. But theoretically, she can teleport forever. Although I can only stay invincible for like 3 reps, it IS possible. Lol and if you can do it, more power to you.

Everything is basically the same as normal sak with a few minor changes to her normals.

Her Sho’ouken doesn’t have the shield, so it’s pretty worthless now. As an assist, she physically does the uppercut at the end, so it makes comboing that was previous impossible now a viable option. Of course as an assist, it loses all purpose as a shield, but whatever.

hurricane kick’s the same

Hadouken: Now straight and fullscreen. Nasty lag on it, very quick start up. It’s usually on used in combos on the ground, or if covered by an assist. Now it’s a decent tool in the air. Keeps some people grounded. Not much lag. It’s pretty safe. It does damage too. :slight_smile:

Teleport: Wheee, 0 start up frames, 0 recover. That essentially means that when you imput the command, her frame is off the screen. Goes through AHVB/hail/HSF like nothing. it’s 100% safe to do it anytime you can. Tricky tactics include cross ups, tp and throw when you get near them, or pushblocking HSFs/AHVBs and TPing out…as opposed to SJing them.

Supers: The same except her fireball super.

She now has one of the fastest supers in the game. It’s one frame in activation and recovery. That means, jab xx shinkuu hadouken works, and also a blocked super is safe, even vs cable or pointblank ken. :eek: It chips a grip too, more than hail or ahvbs.

Guardbreaks: Ok ladies and gents: Sakura guard breaks, gonna be edited on the front page too. :wink:

j. fp xx lk sempuu kyaku, land launch with DF+FK, air combo.

j. lp, land(taunt xx), SHDK

Lol those are her practical ones without assits in the corner only. Not really sure about midscreen breaks, but I go for TPcross ups or cross up shoouken’s. Either works decently well.

A few assists work well, so I’ll list them.

Lp+sent drone, fp xx shoouken in air, they GB on drones, where you can launch or do a super…it’s not HARD…but the timing is tricky cuz you have to time the lp before they come out.

lp, lk, land with them, throw into tron. :wink: I use this one the most.

more coming up


Any way too start some kind of thread huh Chun? But, thanks for the info. Evil Sak sounds like she owns with her teleport. I mean, I have always heard about her 0 frame tp, but when you think about it, it is too damn good!:smiley:

Keep up the good shit, and I really hope to see this thread grow. Although I can gurantee you that Sakura will never be top tier tourney material, but it is fun using the non top tier characters every once and a while.



All of Sak’s assists are usable, but generally her dash is considered the best. Depends on the match up I say.

Her dash goes through bullshit traps, like cable/sent, storm proj, ALL of spirals swords, etc etc. She just plows through them. Even doom rocks and strider’s orbs. Basically, if it’s not a physical attack, she’ll suck it up and keep on runnin’. Good assist for almost every situation. The major weakness is AA. She loses to pretty much any AA in the game for free, not to mention, get’s her retarded hurricane kick super that has absolutely no practical purpose whatsoever. Also, note that when she’s evil, this assist is completely worthless outside of combos.

Proj type has it’s uses, but mainly anti sent flight. Her fireball is quite big and goes a good distance up at a good angle. So if sent is within half the screen, he’ll get hit if he doesn’t retreat/unfly. Conversely, this assist gains much more applicability when she’s evil. It’s a quick fullscreen projectile that can cover pretty much anything. Not a bad proj assist at all.

Exp type is her assist killer assist. :slight_smile: and while it doesn’t really beat anything out, it does about 30+% to any assist. Decent priority, but it won’t ever beat out commando/cammy/cyke/psy or even cable. :frowning: Not to worry, cuz if they throw it out, target their assist with her and cover her ass. It’ll kill an assist pretty damn quickly.

Overall, stick with dash, unless you’re up against a sent that IS NOT paired with cable/storm.

Partners: Of course mvc2 is a team game, and she benefits from the same assists every other character in the game does. Namely:

Storm/sent proj/drones: covers her ass for her hurricane cross ups and fireball/shoouken lag. No traps or anything, just basic shit. TP cross ups with these assists work sometimes, and also as bait. Call them out and TP around.

Doom AA: Best assist in the game works well with Sak too. Go figure. You have chip and lock down now added to her game. Think a weaker S/D, but you can call doom and jab/short TP around back and forth and keep them in some pretty good lockdown…very very VERY hard to punish your doom assist as long as you keep teleporting. It’s not really a dominat0r strat or anything, just irritating and fairly safe :slight_smile:

Tron: ChaCHING! I find Tron proj to be a splendid assist to compliment Sak. Shinkuu hadouken+tron is an EASY 80%, usually 90% depending on the combo. Also, THROWING into Tron with FK is INSANE. like another EASY 50%. you can fp throw, then throw into tron as they get up. Painful. Since sakura DOES have an overhead, she has some nice cross ups with tron too. If you get them in the corner, you can c. lk+tron, f+FK for an overhead with plenty of time to kill them if it hits. It’s pretty hard to block too because tron keeps you in block stun low, while you hit high. Without pushblocking tron, it’s pretty good. Telport cross ups with tron are devestating too. She’s prolly your best assist.

Mag Proj: Prolly the CLEANEST way to set up her infinte and other flashy combos. Also a super battery for her to get meter…not to mention a safe DHC. Mag doesn’t really need meter, so I’d just as soon use it on Sak. Mag/tron is also very good.

Possible teams:

My fave of Mag or Storm/sak/tron.
Cable/Sak/Anotha(in this team I use cable as a battery, cuz he’s pretty damn good at randomly aquiring meter. He always has it.

How to play: The way I play is get as much meter as I can, and get Sak in safely, Dark Transform(DTS from now on) and rush down with tron or run TP away and call doom.

Keep in mind that Sak is very capable of earning meter for herself, it’s just that when she does, she usually loses alot of life, and you have to take the chance of her dying. but at least you have meter for your next char. YOu can DHC OUT of DTS, but not INTO it…which means like s. fk xx DTS xx PC and she stays evil and IM combos his super.

Sakura can be offensive if she chooses, or she can turtle…but just remember that she’s a sitting duck whenever she’s not evil.

Combos with normal sak

c. lk, c. lk xx shoouken xx super(fireball or hurricane)

c. lk, c. fp, lp, lk, lp xx lk hurricane kick, fp (you come down right on top, so cross ups/resets are not that hard)
c. lk, c. fp, lp, lk, lp xx lk hurricane kick, lp, jab shoouken.
or in corner
c. lk, c. fp, lp, lk, lp xx lk hurricane kick, fp, fk, land c. lp, c. fp, jump up, throw. (If they don’t roll, you can dash in and sweep xx any super(usually dash or evil sak FB)

her infinte is j lk, j lk, j fp fk hurricane kick LATE(one hit) The lighter the weight, the harder it is. It’s simple on Sent/Jugg, impossible on cammy/storm. It’s doable on cable, but just really takes timing.

Basically you can do it off a tag in
c. lk+mag proj, s. mp(assist hits), jump and start infintes.

Evil sak combos are the same as Normal saks, with one exception…being her B&B combo.

C. lk+tron, s. fk xx hadouken xx shinku hadouken.

Aight and I’m done for now…I’ll check in on the thread cuz I wanna see what you guys have to say. I think she’s a capable character and should get more play. :slight_smile:


these 1337 tactix
i lost to them myself in a tourney(gl tourney) to clp
these are only for not so top players because they’re as 1337 as they’re gonna get


I’ve always enjoyed playing Sakura, especially in this game. As you’ve already mentioned, I do my best to build meter up for her, and then activate Dark Sakura. After which, I then DHC to another character after activation, and then do my best do lockdown the opponent, knockdown the opponent, build 3 stocks and then unlease Raging Demon. It’s so horrendously satisfying for me.

Tron Bonne has been a mainstay of my team since the first day, so they go well together. I throw out plenty of j.FK and mix it up with hurricane kicks (which as you mentioned are great for mix ups, almost like that of Tron’s s/j.FP).

What of air combos though? Is it better to end it with a hurricane kick (thus cutting the combo short somewhat) or should I just aim for a hadouken?


I end my ACs in anything that causes flying screen so they stay pinned. Hurricane kick, end with FP is good, or in the corner, a fireball is just as good. Just DON’T end with a shoouken =\


I thought as much.

Also, her overhead panty shot is not cancellable in any way, right?

About the teleport, is it proven that you can literally teleport endlessly? As in if I wanted to, I could just keep teleporting in the opposite direction and not receive any damage in the process?


Some notes about Sakura…

Her hurricane glitch works but the positioning is so ticklish I wouldn’t try it. There’s an aircombo that goes from the short hurricane to sj.short to running uppercut, but I forget exactly how it goes. FluffyXXL knows it…

But her c.fierce is good and beats a lot of shit. And her jump attacks are good, Sakura can do the shoto ghetto-but-effective strategy of jump fierce xx hurricane (you’ll probably have better results with jump rh xx hurricane. Looks wrong, though.) Her jump jab is also really good (think Doom jump jab).

Joe Zaza likes to abuse the hurricane kick. He says it’s like Venom Fang - a quick way to get across the screen and punish shit.

B&B as regular Sakura is low short x2, running uppercut into hurricane or fireball super.

As for Dark Sakura, bleh, I still think it’s a waste of 3 meters to lose the shield on her uppercut. She is good though. One thing to remember is that if she does the running upper in the air, she gets the shield.

Also, as good as her super fireball is, it has a drawback. It’s like Cable’s AHVB in that if the opponent isn’t blocking (ie. doing nothing) during the super flash, he WILL be able to afterward, no matter how close Sakura is to the opponent (unlike Ryu’s). :frowning:


What’s this about a hurricane kick glitch anyway? Is it merely aesthetic, or does set up things somehow?