MvC2 screen shot question


Is it just me, or is the Hit counter the wrong color?

Ur bored aren’t u … :confused:

and you aren’t asking why there are two cables on the screen but only one cable in the lifebars??

Timeflip super? I don’t remember if he is solid or transparent though.

could be a flashing effect…

probably just a screenshot from an early version of the game?

@guilty gear - yes
@ renegade - no, i wasn’t asking that at all. it’s the time flip super, right before he fades away.
@batsu - :tup: time flip it is
@tone - possible… just caught me off guard when i saw it, and i got confused… lol… took a good minute or two to figure out why the picture looks weird…
that’s the correct colors of the hit counter

u dont play mvc2, do you?

MMDS with another useless and pointless comment.

That is weird, where did you get that screen shot?

on myspace

also… i was playing marvel a f ewminutes ago…

and… errr

cable IS transparent during TF… so the one on the left should be trans… idk what the hay is going on in that pic.

I’m guessing it’s from an early version of the game. It has to be… or, OMG a hack!!!

Isn’t that hit counter like that color of the 1st screen shot if it’s still being combo’d? Not sure I haven’t played MvC2 in like 2 years…

cable is transparent when in the TF super…but he is also blinking right?>so maybe who took that screenshot took it when the sec he did not blink im guessing if not i dont know:looney: