MVC2: Sentinel/Cable/CapCom


Doesnt matter the order… this is probably the most popular team right now.

Might as well start a thread on how to beat this team.



yes this team is a pain in the ass. also Team Skillz 1.5 is too…storm/sent/capcom.
i too would like to hear sum strats.
but kill assist would be my first objective when playing thsi team.


Cable/CapCom gets rushed for free by Mag and Storm. (but you have to have your rushdown down pat!!)

After that, with Sent/CapCom, just concentrate on killing CapCom.

One good counter team would be Mag(for killing Cable/CapCom)/Cable/AAA(for killing Sent/CapCom)

Just my $0.02.


Ken/Cammy AA works good against this team, since it’s designed to deny assist calling. Cable and Strider are good against it for the same reason. Well, that’s my opinion anyway.



Oh yeah, a Doom-b based team would also give that team trouble since Doom-b > CapCom-b in priority.

Something like Cable/Storm/Doom or the generic S/D teams.




My main concerns are to eliminate either Commando or Sentinel first. Because I’d rather deal with Cable/Commando than Sent/Commando. The best thing to do most likely is try to stay inside the space in front of the point character, if you rush them down, either they’ll back dash and you’ll fly past Commando or they’ll stay there, in that case, block Commando, call an assist to punish him and start going for cross ups or something.


My main objective when fighting this team is to either punish Capcom until he’s dead, snap him in, or land the helper infinite on him. Some Sentinels you can catch with a random Hypergrav and then snap in Capcom, guard break him, and then kill him off, making the fight ALOT easier.

My Mag is usually up first against Sent, so…

Usually I’ll try to bait out Capcom, then call Psy or IM-B. If it hits, it usually catches them both, so I can snap out Sentinel, dash forward and juggle Capcom with c. lk, c. hp, launch until he dies. Then guardbreak Cable and take off atleast half his life. This causes Cable to have to rush you down, so you can just play it smart and punish his assists.

Sometimes I’m able to land an infinite, reset, 100% on Sent, so it’s my 3 full life characters vs. Cable and Capcom, and that duo really can’t chip for shit, so I can just play it smart and not go for anything risky. Again Cable would have to rush me down, so I can catch him jumping in with Psy or IM-B, and then snap in Capcom, kill him, and then it’s just Cable vs. Mag and my two friends:evil:

More later…


my main team rite now is marrow, gambit, and charlie. I can beat sentinel no prob, but cable and cap/com give me prob. Should i change my team and who?


Marrow does kick ass…She should be top tier…anyway…I’m not saying this just because I have a collosus avatar…collosus anti-air beats sentinel and capcom…goes thru both…and sentinel can’t fly to upper back corners to avoid it…


what kind of combos can you do with marrow with that team? talk to me if you need marrow help…hehe!


good strats… but theres got to be more than just snapping in commando.

Also, killing commando is not that easy. Anyone who plays that team well isnt going to let their commando die.

More detailed strats people… cmon


Strider/Cyclops/Doom flat out counters that team
Storm/Sent/Doom and Storm/Sent/Commando work wonders.
Magz/Cable/Tron works since tron stuffs commando AAA.
Storm/Sent/Cyclops also does well


I can deal with sent/cable/capcom pretty good but how would u deal with sent/cable/bh? Sent corners u with BH’s asstist the whole game, how do u get around it?


After the Bh assit is over jump and assit capcom then theyll have to unfly or get hit then u can just RUSH THAT SHIT DOWN!!! or dont let sent in the air and then RUSH THAT SHIT DOWN!


Well i think this is how the trap goes:hp lazer +BH assist- drones-hp lazer-drones-HSF and it basically repeats. I get trapped by this all the time and cant ever get out of it. I think that is basically how it goes but what i remeber is that all i see is BH, lazers ,and drones.


i’d like to learn more about fighting against this team, lets please stay on topic.


but no strats
just call capcom when they rush down then viper beam
then people call me CHEAP but its SKILL


bump… this thread is too important to go unnoticed.


Ugh. I hate this team so fucking much. One of the main things I hate about it is that the most obvious counter (a Cable-based team, like Cable/Storm/Cyclops) can be neutralized by switching the order. Cable vs. Cable = tossup. Storm vs. Sentinel = tossup. Gay. The problem I see with using Doom assist to counter Commando is that while it stuffs Commando, it doesn’t knock Sent out of the air, which means he’s free to stay above you and stomp on your head. Also, since a most people put Doom third, it means you don’t have a true AAA to keep Sentinel grounded.

With that being said, I like Cyclops/Strider/Doom against this team. I’d start Cyclops first for a number of reasons. Both Cyke and Strider do well on Sentinel, but I think starting Strider on Sent is a risky proposition. Starting with only one level, he won’t be able to keep Sent locked down for any length of time. That increases the chances of Sent landing a few lucky hits, and given Strider’s shitty stamina, that isn’t a good thing. Besides, it’s better to have Strider fresh for Cable. In addition, if Cyke is in trouble, he can DHC to Ouroboros, but if Strider’s in trouble, he can’t DHC safely to Cyke.

Also, I don’t see how Storm/Sent/AAA beats Sent/Cable/Commando. The way I see it, S/C/C more or less straight up counters Storm/Sent. Commando assist means that Sent doesn’t have to chase down Storm when she’s running away, which reduces the risk of getting baited into Lightning Attacks, and as long as he’s above her stomping on her head, she should never have the clearance for pull off a Hailstorm. Plus, even if she does manage to land her DHC, you’ve got Cable coming in against Sentinel.