MvC2- Sentinel Montage by Khaos/Infrit



This is a combo video Infrit and myself have been working on for a few months. Extensive combos/resets with Sentinel and multiple assists. Sorry for the lack of audio. Youtube’s copyright infringement rules are really tightening up. Working on having it up on Zachd at the moment. It’ll have audio and it’ll be in AVI format.

Enjoy and let me know what you guys think.

Edit: Here’s a little something extra.


This is the last combo that is shown during the credits. Thought it would be nice to upload it separately.


By far one of the best combo vids ever put out by far all round of excellence. Keep it up Khaos and Infrit, true MSS brothers…


wow. I wouldn’t believe these combos were done by hand but I saw it live at FFA on Friday. Amazing K.O.


nice vid…setting new standards for sent :wink:




It’s been silenced on YouTube. :C Any way you can reupload it, or put up the real file somewhere?


Madness! straight madness!!!

Good shit! :china:


Glad you guys like it so far.

It can’t have audio on youtube because we used tracks that apparently violate copyright laws. Working on uploading it on It’ll be in better quality + it’ll have audio.



makes me really want to learn sent just to pull of these combosss


So you’re JuanniG? Man, those IronMan combos of yours are insane.


thanks dude. hopefully I’ll be able to pull of some fancy stuff with sent soon too, your sent combos are too strong. :pray:


Awesome vid, too bad youtube disabled the music in it.


Yeah, I know. Sucks ass.

Putting together some ideas for Vol.2. It’s in the works.


<3 good fucking shit!


those sent resets were stupid fresh. Loved it!


good shit hsc


Thanks, guys. The video is on MegaUpload now. It’s still in WMV format so it looks the way it was on youtube. However… it has sound now!

Download it! It’s only 87MB.


ay GS Khaos. I wasn’t sure if u were gonna be onna those guys that was good at combo vids and not step it up irl but those latest vids from FFA looked good.

oh and sick vid. Super sick.


I appreciate that, man. Glad you enjoyed the vid.


you should put this in the combo video thread