MvC2 side tourney at Season's Beatings


desmond and sanford gonna be there, ghaleon said it will get stream time. if you want it GO GET IT!!!

who is gonna go?


Hopin I get a job soon and might call in a couple favors to try and make it out.


MvC2 is a SIDE tournament at Season’s Beatings this year?!? That’s fucking terrible. The game MADE SB hype, and now it gets relegated to side tournament status. MvC2 deserves to be the main game at Season’s Beatings.


Who gives a fuck if it’s a side tourney, support that shit.

And blame all the people that dropped the game to follow the crowd, gotta work that shit back up to the top like everyone else.


yeah complaing wont help unless we get out there and PLAY THIS SHIT OUT OF IT >:(


MAHVAL AT SB. They got my support!


It could be because I transitioned into more of an anime game player due to MVC2 but anyone who feels side tourneys aren’t special enough for their game is on some stupid shit IMO.


If you knew the history of Season’s Beatings, then you would know that MvC2 is THE reason why SB became a godlike tournament. You don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. It is an insult to the greatness of MvC2 and all the Marvel hype to put MvC2 as a side game at the tournament that would not even be popular if not for MvC2.

Of course being a “side” game is better than not being included at all, but honestly Season’s Beatings doesn’t have the reputation for MvC2 that it did before. Last year was supposedly going to be a godlike MvC2 legends tournament that would include the best 16 MvC2 players of all time. It ended up being a monumental failure because nobody went. My main point is that MvC2 deserves to be a feature game. SB is not nearly as commercialized and dependant on sponsors as Evo, so there is no reason why MvC2 cannot be a featured game. That would be much better than being cast aside as a fake halfway tournament that most players probably won’t care about anyways.


You want MvC2 to be a featured game again? Get the oldheads to start playing it again, and I don’t just mean you, Desmond and Sanford.

No game should get a free ride just due to what it did there before. Don’t get me wrong, I love MvC2, wish we could get all the best back and just have another godlike tourney, but what’s the point if no one’s gonna show up and play other than like 5-10 people?

San Fran 49ers aren’t gonna let Joe Montana come back and be their starting QB again just because he won them multiple SB’s and is one of the people responsible for putting them on the map.


thats what im saying, talking about the past isnt going to change the present. people need to care and show up. it doesn’t have to be the OGs who did it, the new crowd and the people still playing the game out of love should do it.


Marvel 2 tournament? faps uncontrollably


I don’t have the capability to get players to put effort into supporting the game. I already gave a major effort with regards to the MvC2 documentary. People just don’t care enough. That’s not complaining. It is a statement of fact.

I doubt that most of the new (online era players) who did not play the game in the arcade era will travel to Season’s Beatings to play the game. It is far more likely that the MvC2 veterans would show up to support the game. If the SB organizers promoted the tournament as a MAIN tournament (they way they did for SB3-5), then there would be a lot more than 5-10 players who would show up and play. When the organizers present the game as a side game from the outset, that sets the tone and people are less likely to give a shit.


The problem is though is that if you present it as a main game, and people still don’t show up, then there’s time and money wasted, and after what happened at the Legend’s Invitational last year I’m not surprised as to why they’d balk.

Kill it as a side tourney and you’ll get back as a featured game in a heartbeat. If MvC2 players feel disrespected by this, if anything this will just light the fire harder.


I dunno, but I sorta feel like the only way to generate hype for the game at this point is more money matches. It’s hard to expect the handful of old Marvel heads who still compete in other games to drop everything and dedicate the training time to win a tournament that gets 20 entrants. Now if it were 20 beasts that would be different, but it would take a lot to get that many of the greats in one venue.

The heart of the marvel hype has always been the big money matches, so i think we need more new blood to channel Dark Prince and call out some washed up veterans.


You have to understand that it’s a business now. This isn’t a tournament where it’s at their crib. All tournament scene focus on sponsorship and expanding the community. Yes, they got the GODLIKE Entertainment based of Marvel vs Capcom 2. At least show their gratitude that they are willing to bring back Marvel vs Capcom 2 to the GODLIKE Entertainment. I watched GODLIKE vs all tournament the most when it comes to stream wise

Also, MvC2 is all about MMs and grudges.


I more than know the history of SB, I’ve been playing for and been a part of the community for 10 years. And yes SB got as big as it did because ovf MVC2 and the fact that it’s a side tourney now is sad but don’t blame SB blame the players for dropping it.

I love MVC2 but the game doesn’t deserve shit if the players keep choosing to not play it and play other games. Having MVC2 as a main game and having it bomb looks worse than running a low turnout side tourney. We need to blow up the side tourney at SB if we wanna get that old hype back.


With the small MvC2 scene now I could win at SB, because no one else is going it looks like :rofl:


Here’s the footage

It’s small
but it is M v C 2


Its on youtube.


The shake of your dust tournament.

And hope nobody got money they didn’t earn. :lame: