MvC2 small talk

[S]**Chill thread for whatever MvC2 people want to talk about. **[/S]

[S]Seems so dead around here. Lets talk some babes.[/S]


yeah, this forum is really dead :frowning:

id love to get an old MvC2 widescreen cab and put a ps3 in it somehow so i could play marvel online on a cab

So you can’t talk money amounts in this section:
But is it allowed here?

idk, i dont get why money match talk is banned. but rules are rules i suppose.

Hail Sentinel, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee,
blessed are you among all characters and blessed is the fruit of your womb, the Drones,
Holy Sentinel, robot of God,
pray for us players now, the hour of Marvels death.

mvc2 is the new mvc1 of the vs scene

Here’s some talk:


this is the kind of stuff that should have been on that alphaism mvc2 podcast

So not a fan of the alphaism bit at all?

personally, no. felt very rushed and sloppy, and IMO, skisonic and viscant, while both mvc2 OGs, were not really the best people to talk about the entire scene. it was neat if you have no knowledge whatsoever of mvc2’s history, but it’s hardly a complete retrospective. shouldve had interviews with more players and stuff, more info about the high point of marvel (04-07). it was basically “06, yeah, justin wont evo, 07, dark prince, 08 sf4 came out and evo was boring, neo vs clockwork, the end!” no real mention of the hype stuff like big MMs during that time, not even the talk of the absurd highs that the money matches grew to, it couldve been alot better.

i did like viscant’s point that cable wasn’t really pushed to his limits though, aside from people like sanford. he was doing some really good shit with him, i saw him lockdown yipes with dash up crouching jabs and just magneto projectile assist covering him

One day I hope we will get an MvC2 documentary, much like they keep making sf4 ones

I think it was just intended for Viscant to cover the early years, and went too far. Sloppy is a bit harsh. Maybe Ski asked others and they declined?
They did mention the Toan vs Fanatiq big MM in passing, The Duc vs Sanford MM, The dark prince MM, and the ft7 3 way (although they were sketchy with details).

Re Cable - Cable is/was never gonna get played more with magneto in the game. Sanford has an awesome cable but if EVO2k10 GF was Yipes vs Sanford, he wouldn’t have used scrub, maybe SSCable.

sanford won EVO with scrub. and yeah, SSCable is a better team.

Idk, I just thought the delivery of it was sloppy. it seemed like they were just going off the top of their heads, nothing written down, remembering as they went. alot of “i think it was this year? uhhhhh ummmmm uhhhhh” It just would have been much better if they had gathered notes and stuff beforehand. but oh well, for what it is, it isnt TERRIBLE. someone new to mvc2 would learn alot from it

Oh snap, sup thread.

• uhm I roll wit sentinel, blackheart and dr.doom, I don’t really know any attacks so I just push buttons.
•I like to mash assists cause they’re so helpful.
•i also like to hold back and up but it makes ppl angry.
•I can’t really play sentinel but I like to put him on my team cause his rocket punches look cool!

Am I part of the cool crowd yet?

Got a shitty capture card - still trying to learn how to deinterlace and trim vids. Virtual dub crashes on me.
Might have a vid or two out in a couple of months( or just do single combo clips) - then again I may be one of those half a doz. peeps who said they’d do a video. Still working on first Custom color mix too.

After Evo, before probably too, people are saying Khaos is the top now.
Is there anyone at the same level who plays at the moment? (Plays real matches in person I mean.)

I haven’t been following the competition in long time.

Yo Augmint when are we going to have some games! lets do it up sometime :slight_smile: You know bruton purchased the arcade board and set it all up so we should have a jam when you’re free! PM me your mobs!

Khaos is the top, there’s still alot of really good people left though.

yeah, sent you a PM.

Preppy’s archive front page got updated, sort of sad.

:frowning: imma donate something