MvC2: Snapback Combos

Wsup peepz, aight I was just wondering on the topic of Snapback combos since peepz are saying MvC2 is about resets, snapping in assist characters, and guardbreaks nowadays…So go ahead people put up your favorite and tightest Snapback combos! I’m going to practice some right now!:cool:

Magneto- c.hp,, ad-df,,, snapback… It’s all about timing the lk’s (man is there anything this beast can’t do?) don’t forget to guardbreak the character that pops in.
You could probobaly do the infinite into it as well cause it’s all just SJing and LKing.

never tried it myself,

but i think strider is fast enough with his moves that his ground magic series can chain into the snapback and it will combo

can someone confirm?

Yes, Strider can chain into a snapback.

Storm:,, OTG hk, snapback


c.lp, c.lp, snapback


Find a way to combo in a hypergrav, snapback

I think alota characters have a simple., or use lp in some cases(like storm.)

Its not big, but it’s generic I think.

Mag solo:
Sent: j.fp snapback

Big characters… trijump hk(otg) snapback

Normal people: trijump hk(otg) hypergrav snapback

lk lk snapback

My fave: wid psy AAA

launch fk dash downforward lk lk rejump hypergrav snapback…damage is pretty good for a snapback combo…there are alot more…i’m waayy to0 lazy

i think this can be mashed out of. might as well leave out the hypergrav and just snap as they fall. but then you have a timing issue to deal with.

since people luv mag/psy and nobody has posted this strat for snapback usage…if you eva happen to catch the character on point and assist psy, just dash up,, c.rh, snapback, dash and infinite the assist!

that’s character weight dependent, since against heavy assists, you’ll snap the guy out and the assist will whiff and return to base.

better way is to just omit the juggle entirely and do psy hits, dash up snap back, dash forward, c.short, c.fierce.



begin infinite > into corner, j.lp, j.lp, pause,, pause, j.U+fp, land, s.fp XX snapback, j.U+fp (guardbreak), infinite (build meter), s.fp XX snapback…wash…rinse…repeat.

If you have your opponent in the infinte, why would you wanna snap him out? Just do the proton cannon and kill him… and even if you do snap him out, why would you wanna snap out the char. that just came in?

i know i sound stupid…but wat is snapback??

Fireball motion + Assist 1 or 2

Rogue SB combo:

c.LK, c.MK, c.RH xx SB(otg). UNROLLABLE!

Sent: Launcher then do snapback quickly

Magnus: c.short c.short psylocke -> snap!

my fav, mag/psy assist, xxsj ad/df hk, xxhypergrav – launch ad/df, lk / +psy, /, xx, lk ad/df lk, lk snapback

Not used too much because the startup on it is so damn slow, but I figure I’ll post it here before someone else does. Hehe.

c. wp > c. mp XX snapback


lp,lp,f.hp SNAPBACK

that has to be the longest snapback combo i’ve ever seen…